Fleet Operators: Preparing For Vehicle Safety Changes in Europe

From January 1st, 2021, all HGV’s entering France and over 3.5 tonnes are required to have specific blind spot stickers.

The penalty for non to compliance will result in a 4th class penalty fine, between approximately €135 and €750.

The blind spot stickers are intended to reduce the high number of road accidents in France by warning vulnerable road users of the danger.

Three stickers are required, placed on both sides of the vehicle and one at the back, and must be placed between 0.90m and 1.50m above the ground.

However, for vehicles travelling between the UK and France, this may present problems. Vehicles driving into Greater London already need to fit a sticker to conform with the Direct Vision Standard.

In addition, fleets operating across Europe are required to fit stickers to warn of any CCTV recording to comply with GDPR guidelines. The new French requirements will mean a vehicle could have a minimum of 5 stickers.

Emily Hardy, UK Marketing Manager Brigade Electronics said: “A uniform approach across Europe is required to prevent a vulnerable road user ‘overload’ from stickers. Too many stickers and too many warnings will have the opposite effect.”

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