FORS Update Version 5

FORS Update Version 5

FORS published their updated  guide (Version 5).

The guide now says that proximity sensors should operate regardless of whether the direction indicators are activated and may switch off at speeds above 20 mph. In FORS terms, ‘should’ means it is recommended but not mandatory. As best practice, Brigade recommends that sensors are activated on the left tun indicator to detect vulnerable road users when the vehicle is making a low speed manoeuvre. This prevents false warning alarms and therefore minimises driver distraction and driver overload. FORS updated guide clarifies that close proximity sensors that activate with a left turn signal or turn off at speed are compliant with FORS Silver requirements.

FORS Bronze Update and DVS

In addition the guide has been updated to reflect the new Direct Vision Standard requirements that will become legislative requirement in Greater London from October 2020.

The DVS Safe system requirements for all vehicles over 12 tonnes entering Greater London are equivalent to FORS Bronze from this date. FORS silver will therefore be a higher specification with increased vehicle safety requirements.


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