Guide to GDPR & Vehicle Recording


Many customers remain unsure of the new data protection legislation with some specifying vehicle cameras that do not identify members of the public for fear this will breach people’s privacy. This has not been helped by a small handful of vehicle CCTV manufacturers falsely claiming ‘their product is GDPR compliant’. Added to this information in the media has been general at best. We have created a more comprehensive guide with scenarios to help our customers. Our message is simple. Operators should not fear the use of camera systems and digital recording but should look at what policies they have in place and we can help guide them.

A tangible product cannot be GDPR compliant because it is about handling of data, although customers should look for features and benefits that can help the operator to keep data secure. Find out about mobile digital recording.

We’ve created a pack that can be downloaded here which provides a detailed guide to new data regulations with regards to cameras and recording equipment.

Find out more and download the guide to GDPR compliance.