How Fleet Managers Are Enhancing Road Safety With Brigade’s Vehicle Camera Systems

No matter how many vehicles you take care of, the job of a fleet manager can be extremely challenging. While managing rising fuel costs and insurance premiums are just a couple of examples of the difficulties facing fleet managers, maintaining driver safety is still the top priority.

With regulations and road safety legislation continually evolving, fleet managers face ongoing demands for ensuring their vehicles remain safe and their drivers continue to be fully informed. HGVs in particular are extremely exposed to potential collisions. Research has shown that HGVs are seven times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash on minor roads compared to other vehicles. Meanwhile, the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) recently reported that 25% of road deaths in the EU involve a goods vehicle.

Collisions involving blind spots are one of the main causes of injuries and fatalities in the UK. Eliminating blind spots on vehicles is crucial to helping resolve this problem. Fleet managers are recognising the important role vehicle camera and CCTV systems are playing in improving road safety, reducing accidents and removing common hazards. Our recent survey of 245 fleet experts revealed that 73% confirmed that they considered vehicle safety systems to be pivotal to aiding driver visibility and preventing collisions.

Here at Brigade we have supported numerous fleet managers with choosing and installing vehicle safety systems.

This includes Derry Refrigerated Transport, which installed Brigade’s best-selling camera monitoring system, Backeye®360, and Mobile Digital Recorder to directly record footage.

Backeye®360 has been supporting drivers and improving safety for many years. This intelligent camera monitor system allows drivers to keep a close eye on blind spots at the back and sides of their vehicles so they can instantly see people, objects and other vehicles in the vicinity. Meanwhile, Mobile Digital Recorders provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident or false insurance claim while supporting driver training.

Leading aggregates and specialist materials supplier Day Aggregates has installed Brigade’s Backsense heavy duty radar sensor systems onto its shovel loader, telehandlers and various trucks. Designed to detect people and objects in blind spots, radar sensors provide the driver with in-cab visual and audible warnings and have proven to significantly reduce accidents. Our Backsense® radar sensors are available in fixed detection range models and fully programmable models allowing bespoke detection areas to be set and offering the ability to calibrate the system according to the vehicle’s bodywork, making it ideal for large and heavy duty vehicles working in dusty conditions.

RTS Waste, a leading integrated waste management and skip hire company operating in London, Kent and Somerset, is another company that has enhanced its vehicle safety with Brigade’s products. It has fitted its entire fleet to the highest specification with Brigade’s full suite of systems. These include Brigade’s bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing alarms to warn pedestrians when a vehicle is manoeuvring. These alarms emit a ‘ssh-ssh’ sound, similar to breaking waves, making it highly directional, gentler on the ear and easier for pedestrians to pinpoint. With its multi-frequency range, White Sound® alarms can operate effectively at five decibels lower than a conventional beeping alarm, making them approved for night-time deliveries.