How Plant Operators could benefit from Brigade’s MDR Services during the COVID19 pandemic

It was recently reported by The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) that plant and tool theft rates have soared by an estimated 50% during the Covid-19 crisis. It should come as no surprise that thieves have now begun targeting plant vehicles more frequently, with most sites virtually left abandoned since the start of the pandemic. With no forewarning of closures, plant operators have not been able to take the necessary precautions in securing their vehicles and tools.

There is currently no clear timescale on when plants can return to full functionality and operators must begin taking relevant action to deter thieves and protect their equipment and vehicles. Brigade Bridge is a fully managed 4G service for Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recorder, allowing operators to remotely access their vehicle, even when they cannot physically access the site.

Peace of mind is important during these unprecedented times and Bridge’s Fleet Manager Triggers can reassure operators on the security of their vehicles, with alerts sent to either their PC or Mobile if an event is triggered. Operators could benefit from Geo-fencing in which geographical boundaries are set up to know when your vehicle enters and/or leaves areas, with up to 12 geo-fences areas can be set per MDR. As well as Geo-fencing other alarms notifications can be set for overspeed, G-Force, HDD error and video. The remote access also means operators can view live fleet data and video footage anywhere and anytime.

Wren Kitchens recently installed Brigade’s Bridge 4G Cloud Service and are extremely satisfied with the Bridge System and its instant live feeds, highly recommending operators to fit the system to protect their own vehicles.

All of our products meet plant specifications and requirements including Skanska, Crossrail and HS2. If you manage plant-based vehicles and would like to know more about Bridge and how to keep your vehicles secure, get in touch today.