Integrated Safety Products Save Lives

Ever since Brigade Electronics was founded in 1976, it’s been our mission to develop top-quality safety products for HGVs and other commercial vehicles.

As our product range has expanded, we’ve always been mindful of the need to balance the use of in-cab technology with the day-to-day realities of commercial driving. Too many display monitors, flashing lights or audible alarms could clearly become confusing for even the most experienced of drivers.

The principle of ‘vehicle integration’ is one that we carefully follow as we develop ever more sophisticated devices that include camera and recording systems, radar sensors and warning alarms.

Our products work together to address road safety issues for drivers of vehicles and mobile plant on public roads and work sites all over the world. Brigade products perform many functions, but one of our primary aims is to address the danger of blind spots at the rear, sides and front of large commercial vehicles. When blind spots are eliminated, safety is drastically improved for drivers and for pedestrians, cyclists or on-site workers in close proximity to the vehicle.

So how do our complementary products work? Here are some key examples:

Cameras and digital recording

Our vehicle-mounted cameras are suitable for the rear, front, side and many other locations. These cameras, linked to Brigade in-cab monitors, enable safe and easy manoeuvring by eliminating blind spots. Drivers can see split images on a single screen, saving the driver from checking numerous mirrors.

Cameras can also link to our Mobile Digital Recording (MDR) technology. MDR captures footage from up to eight cameras simultaneously, providing valuable evidence in the event of false claims, crash-for-cash incidents or vandalism.

Brigade’s latest MDR range has GPS tracking built in, with Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity that allows data to be streamed live to a remote location. This gives drivers peace of mind while making no demands whatsoever on their concentration. If an incident occurs and they were not at fault, they have the comfort of knowing that reliable evidence has been recorded.

Ultrasonic technology

Brigade’s ultrasonic sensor systems detect obstacles close to a vehicle, whether moving or stationary. Sensors can be fitted to the rear, side, front, corner and even the nearside cab step of a vehicle. When an obstacle is present, an audible or visual in-cab warning is triggered.

Up to two ultrasonic devices can also now be integrated with an on-screen display module, with the obstacle warnings overlaid onto a Brigade monitor. For the driver, this again has the benefit of ‘centralising’ warnings, instantly flagging up danger and giving time to take preventive action.

It’s not just the driver who can receive warnings. Our Backchat speaking alarms can be connected to the vehicle’s speed and indicator, meaning it is only triggered when needed.

Radar and CAN Bus integration

CAN Bus is a central networking system that’s standard in all modern vehicles. It connects multiple modules in a vehicle to one central line, drastically reducing the need for additional wiring and allowing for system integration.

We are working with vehicle manufacturers at the production line stage to integrate our radar sensors with CAN Bus networks. It’s an exciting development that reinforces our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of our industry.

If you’d like further information about Brigade and our vehicle safety products and services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.