Introducing our Fleet Managers’ Guide to risk reduction on the roads

As a multiple award-winning company known for its customer service, we pride ourselves on excellent relationships with fleet managers across the globe.

Our innovative safety systems have helped keep thousands of drivers and their vehicles secure on the roads and at depots. As technology moves apace, we are continually developing our products to ensure even greater levels of safety and, in turn, cost efficiencies for our clients.

However, we appreciate that at times it can be challenging to research the many different safety systems available on the market today. Brexit and the pandemic have put fleet managers under pressure like never before, and the immediate issues of driver shortages and EU paperwork are a huge drain on managers’ time.

Tempting as it may be to put vehicle security upgrades on the back burner, research has shown that greater investment in safety results in long-term cost efficiencies, not to mention improved wellbeing for drivers.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, every year 70 people are killed and 2,000 seriously injured in accidents involving vehicles in and around workplaces. A significant number of these occur during deliveries and collections. The HSE advises that unless effective precautions are taken, people are at risk from:

  • Pedestrians being hit by moving vehicles
  • People falling from vehicles
  • Vehicles turning over
  • People being hit by objects falling from vehicles

Fleet manager challenges for 2021 and beyond

Aside from the ongoing driver shortage and additional EU documentation, fleet managers face a tricky year ahead. We’ve identified four key challenges:

  1. Poor driver behaviour. Faced with ever-tighter schedules, drivers are tempted to cut corners with safety, with a 49% rise reported in drivers not wearing a seatbelt, a 43% increase in drivers using a handheld device and a 36% rise in smoking while driving. Regulation breaks are not always taken, further increasing the risk of accidents and the subsequent costs to fleet managers, staff morale and industry reputation. To add to the difficulties, the UK government has also made the decision to temporarily extend the amount of hours a driver can complete in one day from nine hours to ten further increasing the risk to safety.
  2. Inferior customer service. When drivers are under pressure, customer service can be the first casualty. Goods arriving late or damaged create knock-on problems for fleet managers and a clear cost to the business, especially where deliveries involve bespoke items or high-value goods.
  3. Rising insurance premiums. Insurers look favourably on fleets that can demonstrate high safety standards, with vehicles that are properly maintained and fitted with extra security measures. Brigade has helped numerous clients to combat hefty insurance premiums through retrofitting of its various devices including vehicle CCTV and camera monitor systems.
  4. Crash for cash. Latest UK figures estimate that 170,000 car insurance claims were linked to ‘crash for cash’ gangs from October 2019 to December 2020. The Insurance Fraud Bureau has identified hotspots including parts of Birmingham and Bradford, but the reality is that this crime can occur on any road, in any part of the UK. Fleets of all sizes have been victims of fraudulent claims, causing significant costs and an extra administrative burden for fleet managers.

Technology-driven solutions from Brigade

Each one of these four issues can be effectively tackled with on-board camera and recording systems. Brigade’s latest devices are highly sophisticated in terms of the technology, yet simple to fit and to use.

Any incidents are captured instantly, and can be used in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism or fraudulent claims. In addition, driver behaviour can be closely monitored, ensuring safety and wellbeing not just for the driver, but for fellow road users.

When coupled with Bridge, our 4G cloud service, fleet managers can even monitor performance in real-time, remotely. Live-streamed footage can be downloaded without ever having to access a vehicle, offering immediate resource-savings.

Brigade’s Fleet Managers’ Guide – everything you need to know in one simple download

Interested in the benefits that cameras and recording systems can bring, but not sure where to start? We’ve produced a downloadable guide to help save precious research time. The guide includes real-world scenarios from our clients Wren Kitchens and Coca-Cola, and details research results on the cost savings that the latest technology can offer.

We hope that the new guide will help to make these difficult times a fraction less challenging. But the guide is just a start. If you’d like further information about Brigade and our award-winning safety products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.