Keeping Employees Safe at Work

This April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, a UN-backed campaign to promote a healthy working environment with the emphasis on prevention.

There are around 340 million occupational accidents annually worldwide and more than 6,000 workers die every single day.

All organisations have a duty of care, both to employees and to anyone who may be affected by the company’s business. Nowhere is this truer than in industries where commercial vehicles or heavy plant machinery are at high risk of collisions both on the roads and on worksites. Logistic fleets moving goods across road networks encounter congested, hazardous conditions; while vehicles used in sectors such as waste management and construction often operate in difficult environments in terms of manoeuvring.

Vehicle safety products from Brigade

Here at Brigade, we’ve been supplying rigorously-tested vehicle safety products for more than 40 years. Back in 1976, we introduced the very first reversing alarm to Europe. Our alarms have now evolved into our best-selling multi-frequency bbs-tek® White Sound® alarms.

We’re committed to making roads and worksites safer for all. Vehicle blind spots are a major factor in causing collisions. All round vehicle visibility has been proven to reduce collisions and improve safety. Our Backeye®360  provides a real-time surround view of the vehicle in one single image, eliminating blind spots and saving the driver from having to process information from several monitors or mirrors. This makes it much easier to spot, assess and react to possible hazards.

When vehicles are involved in an incident, lack of solid evidence can lead to uncertainty and time-consuming investigations. Research into the benefits of recording camera footage from vehicles has found it encourages driver best practice. Brigade’s Mobile Digital recorder (MDR) captures footage from vehicle-mounted cameras. The recorded footage from the MDR offers irrefutable evidence in the case of an accident or dispute.

Industries such as mining, quarrying, agriculture and construction have been benefiting from our Backsense® radar obstacle detection systems. These heavy-duty sensors are designed to detect stationary and moving objects even in the harshest of environments.

Supporting work safety

This World Health & Safety at Work Day, we’re delighted that efforts to keep employees safe in their workplace are being prioritised. Here at Brigade, we’ve made it our mission to make saving lives our number one priority.

For more information about how our products can help you keep your workforce safe, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.