New Ultrasonic SideScan®Flex

We are pleased to announce the new launch of SideScan®Flex. The 4 sensor system is fitted to the side of a vehicle to detect objects in the nearside blind spot, where cyclists or pedestrians can otherwise go undetected.

An advancement to the standard SideScan® system, SideScan®Flex allows the operator to choose from 4 detection configurations*, each with different detection distances and audible and visual alerts. In addition, SideScan®Flex has an increased maximum detection range of 2.5 metres. *Set at time of installation




In extending our SideScan® product range we are offering more variants providing drivers less overload and stress whilst still providing the capability to detect vulnerable road users (VRUs) when operating at a low speed. A visual and audible alert will activate when there’s an object detected, prompting action to be taken.






Adjustable audible and visual warning settings 4 different settings to reduce false alarms and suit driver preference


Output trigger Activate other safety-aid systems when a cyclist is being detected e.g side cameras, external alarms, additional lights and events trigger for recording devices (MDR)


Mute function Buzzer will silence after 4 seconds if there is no movement from a detected object or vehicle


Environment learning mode Prevents false alarms from ancillary equipment that intrudes in the first 100cm of the detection zone


Compatible with speed trigger module  LS-60-A Side detection system can be activated under the specific speed


Compatible with turn indicator switch    TS-001 Side detection system can be activated only when the indicator is on


Self-diagnostic function Alerts the operator or any malfunction of the side detection system





Technical Specifications:

  • Operating temperature: -30 to +80oC
  • Mechanical vibration: 5G
  • Mechanical shock: 10G
  • Waterproof sensors to IP68
  • Waterproof ECU to IP69K
  • Power consumption: 2.4 Watts
  • Current: 200mA