New Ultrasonic SideScan®Flex

We are pleased to announce the new launch of SideScan®Flex. The 4 sensor system is fitted to the side of a vehicle to detect objects in the nearside blind spot, where cyclists or pedestrians can otherwise go undetected.

An advancement to the standard SideScan® system, SideScan®Flex allows the operator to choose from 4 detection configurations*, each with different detection distances and audible and visual alerts. In addition, SideScan®Flex has an increased maximum detection range of 2.5 metres. *Set at time of installation




In extending our SideScan® product range we are offering more variants providing drivers less overload and stress whilst still providing the capability to detect vulnerable road users (VRUs) when operating at a low speed. A visual and audible alert will activate when there’s an object detected, prompting action to be taken.






Adjustable audible and visual warning settings4 different settings to reduce false alarms and suit driver preference


Output triggerActivate other safety-aid systems when a cyclist is being detected e.g side cameras, external alarms, additional lights and events trigger for recording devices (MDR)


Mute functionBuzzer will silence after 4 seconds if there is no movement from a detected object or vehicle


Environment learning modePrevents false alarms from ancillary equipment that intrudes in the first 100cm of the detection zone


Compatible with speed trigger module  LS-60-ASide detection system can be activated under the specific speed


Compatible with turn indicator switch    TS-001Side detection system can be activated only when the indicator is on


Self-diagnostic functionAlerts the operator or any malfunction of the side detection system





Technical Specifications:

  • Operating temperature: -30 to +80oC
  • Mechanical vibration: 5G
  • Mechanical shock: 10G
  • Waterproof sensors to IP68
  • Waterproof ECU to IP69K
  • Power consumption: 2.4 Watts
  • Current: 200mA