Over 700 accidents involving agricultural vehicles occur in Germany every year. To combat this, DLG (German Agricultural Society) with support from Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Customs Infrastructure, committed itself to reducing the frequency of accidents across Germany’s agricultural sector.

Cross Traffic Monitoring was at the center of reducing accidents and involves monitoring the blind spots at the front of large vehicles. Blind spots are often caused by the sheer length between the driver and the front of the vehicle or by the many technical aids attached to a vehicle. Emerging from a blind junction with such a large vehicle is incredibly dangerous and was proving to be a cause for some accidents – a driver would have to drive 3.5 meters in to the road before checking for oncoming traffic due objects obstructing a driver’s view from either side.

Nationwide Regulation

After an intensive research period, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Customs Infrastructure have released journals stating vehicles must be fitted with camera monitoring systems if a mounted accessory is being used. A camera system must also be used if there is a distance of 3.5m or more from the center of the steering wheel to the front of the vehicle. This has been put in place due to the majority of accidents being caused by a driver’s inability to see the front of their vehicle when maneuvering, when operating a front mounted tool or when emerging from a blind junction.