Why Reversing Cameras?

Reversing any heavy goods vehicle carries an inherent risk due to a variety of blind spots including the back.

The probability of damage to property and personal injury is significantly increased on busy work sites such as stock yards and distribution centres, where vans and trucks are regularly required to reverse within a confined space. Not only do these accidents impose a financial burden on companies from claims and repairs but, in more serious cases, the impact on bystanders or road users can be devastating.

The statistics speak for themselves: 90% of reversing accidents occur off road in loading bays, lorry parks, quarry sites and warehouses; one quarter of all workplace deaths are caused by reversing vehicles; and manoeuvring commercial vehicles accounts for one claim in every six. Mirrors alone are not enoughInstalling a rear-view camera can:

The good news is these risks can be mitigated by installing a robust vehicle reversing camera system to eliminate rear-view blind spots. However, it’s important to select a reliable solution that can withstand extreme weather conditions and day-to-day wear and tear.