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Brigade’s new BRIDGE LINK modem gives customers who initially purchased a 400,500 or 600 Series MDR without a built-in mobile network module (all models except G or GW variants), the ability to become connected to Brigade’s 4G managed service, BRIDGE. The BRIDGE LINK modem device is a simple and cost-effective way for non-connected MDR owners to take their digital recorders online and begin accessing data from the recorder, without having to physically go to the vehicle.

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How does BRIDGE Cloud Services Work?

BRIDGE uses Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recording (MDR) systems to capture footage from up to 16 vehicle-mounted cameras.

BRIDGE takes full advantage of the benefits of 4G connectivity allowing data to be accessed from the recorder anytime, anywhere, without having to physically go to the vehicle.

Enjoy live insights which help to improve efficiency, safety and reduce costs for Fleet Managers.


Which MDR models is BRIDGE LINK compatible with?
How does BRIDGE LINK connect to the MDR?
Do I need a BRIDGE package subscription?

BRIDGE Packages

BRIDGE is available in several packages to suit your requirements. Whether you run one vehicle in the UK or a fleet of 5,000 across Europe, we have you covered.

All Packages Include;

  • 4G Connection (UK or Roaming SIM)
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Remote, real-time access to vehicle recorder via Brigade BRIDGE secure server.
  • Access to data via Dashboard PC software or Mobile App.
  • UK based Technical Helpline & Tutorials

Both packages include optional upgrades to receive real-time or daily email notifications for triggered alarms


Wren Kitchens Case Study

“A great system, I’d highly recommend fitting Brigade.”

Camera monitoring systems coupled with Brigade’s BRIDGE 4G Cloud Service mean Wren’s products could be monitored throughout a driver’s journey. After certain events, such as an accident or sudden braking, a notification is sent to the Transport Manager who can immediately review the footage captured from the seven cameras mounted inside and outside the vehicle. Not only does this provide irrefutable evidence in the case of an accident but will also show how and why a product was damaged. This data is then used for improving packing, driver training, product handling and driver protection.

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BRIDGE Cloud Services

A fully managed 4G service for Brigade MDR’s, allowing Fleet Managers to remotely access their vehicle data at any time.