Why Sidescan®Predict?

Semi trucks pose a disproportionate risk to both pedestrians and cyclists with collisions involving a large vehicle far more likely to prove fatal than those involving a car. Many collisions between cyclists and semi trucks occur because the driver has limited direct vision (the ability to see what is outside their cab without using indirect means of mirrors or cameras).

Detection systems have helped make both drivers and vulnerable road users aware of the proximity of one another, however, current systems only alert the driver to the presence of an object, even if there is no danger of a collision. This can result in false alarms, leading the driver to become habituated to the warning and potentially rendering the detection system ineffective.

In 2019, there were 846 bicyclists killed in traffic crashes according to the United States Department of Transportation.

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Sidescan®Predict Features

What is Sidescan®Predict?

Brigade’s Sidescan®Predict is the next generation of side-detection sensor system, designed for collision avoidance between road vehicles, objects, and vulnerable road users.

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, this intelligent system predicts if a collision is likely to occur. By analyzing data such as speed, direction, and acceleration of both the vehicle and detected object, and differentiating between static and moving objects, the Sidescan ®Predict algorithm assesses the risk and calculates the likelihood of an impact.

Sidescan®Predict instantly alerts the driver to potential dangers via a multi-stage in-cab visual and audible warning system, according to the urgency of the situation – thus minimizing the number of audible alerts and reducing false alarms.

Sidescan®Predict Benefits

Sidescan®Predict – Calculating the risk

Unique in the market, Sidescan®Predict has been designed and developed by Brigade from concept through to production. It is one of the most technically sophisticated products within our portfolio.

Designed for rigid-bodied vehicles, the system comprises of six ultrasonic sensors fitted along the side of the vehicle to increase safety when turning or low speed manoeuvring. Sidescan®Predict detects objects in the nearside blind spot, where cyclists or other VRUs can otherwis go undetected. Each sensor has a maximum detection radius of 8.2 ft.

Sidescan®Predict constantly gathers object detection data such as the distance of an object, cyclist or other VRU from the vehicle, whether moving or stationary, plus additional information such as the speed, direction, acceleration, and turning rate. The data feeds an algorithm to calculate the risk of a collision, which is delivered to the driver as a visual warning, audible warning or both, depending on the severity of the calculation.

Sensor and mount fi xings (All variants supplied per sensor
In-cab visual and audio display
Sidescan®Predict Algorithm ECU

Sidescan®Predict – Driver notifications

Description of detection and warningExample of scenario (not limited to)In-cab display warning


A static object has been detected

A static object/vehicle/VRU has been detected but is not in the vehicle’s path. No danger of collision.

No driver warning.


A moving object has been detected

A moving vehicle/VRU has been detected but is not in the vehicle’s path. Minimal danger of collision.

A yellow visual warning. No audible warning.


A moving object has been detected close to the vehicle

A moving vehicle/VRU has been detected very close to, but not in the path of the vehicle.

Minimal danger of collision but alerts the driver to
its presence.

A flashing yellow visual warning. No audible warning


Danger of collision

A moving vehicle/VRU or static object has been detected within the path of the vehicle that is turning or is signaling to turn. Alerts the driver to be vigilant as a collision is possible.

A flashing yellow visual warning. A high-pitched audible warning


Collision predicted

A moving vehicle/VRU or static object has been detected in the direct path of the vehicle that is turning. Alerts the driver to take immediate action as a collision is likely.

A flashing red visual warning. A high-pitched audible warning