Blind Spot Detection System

Advanced Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection System

As costs continually increase it is important for transport operators to prioritise protecting their assets. Obstacle detection using ultrasonic sensors can minimise both vehicle damage and collisions with pedestrians or cyclists, enabling Transport Operators to run safer, more cost-efficient fleets. 

The Challenge: Safeguarding Every Angle

Reducing blind spots and improving driver visibility are important issues for operators of road-going vehicles. Over the past few years, safety devices such as additional mirrors or camera systems have become commonplace and even mandatory under blind spot legislation. However, despite an increase in visibility, collisions with other vehicles and fixed objects remain an issue.


The Solution: Cornerscan™

Perfect for road-going commercial vehicles operating in confined spaces or manoeuvring at low speed, Cornerscan™ is a 3-sensor system mounted on the corner of the vehicle cab to detect objects and vulnerable road users in the blind spot. The detection system provides an audible and/or visual in-cab warning that alerts the driver to obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary.

The Cost of Turning A Blind Eye

Even a relatively small accident can be immensely costly to a fleet operator. Apart from repairs to the damaged vehicle, there is downtime and replacement vehicle hire costs to consider and this doesn’t take into account any insurance or legal expenses. 

Typical damage costs based on a DAF XG:



The 3 sensor system operates on 12-24Vdc and offers a selectable detection range of 0.6/1.0m via a dip switch, accompanied by an audible distance warning. It features a flush-mount design and provides two levels of sensitivity, also selectable via a dip switch, all backed by a generous 3-year warranty.