Video Telematics

One of the most time-consuming tasks for Fleet Managers is managing vehicles that are on the move, our video telematics solutions can help.

Common problems that Fleet Managers face include:

  • Vehicle tracking: keeping track of the exact location of vehicles in real-time.
  • Driver safety: unsafe driving practices can increase the chances of a collision.
  • Asset security: insurance scams and vehicle theft
  • Incident management: potentially false accusations.

What is Video Telematics?

Brigade Telematics View* is designed to assist Fleet Managers with supervising their vehicles and drivers on the move in real-time. Using a Brigade recording device with a Brigade Telematics subscription, Fleet Managers can remotely gain access via a web-based application, to the vehicle data as well as live video feeds from a set of integrated cameras.

Brigade Telematics View is a comprehensive video telematics service connecting hardware and software and curated to meet the needs and challenges faced by today’s Fleet Managers.

*Exclusively available in the UK

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Exclusively available in the UK

Telematics View

The Telematics View subscription allows access to the web-based platform without the need to install any software. Seamlessly connecting to our Van Recording Device, the Telematics View subscription lets Fleet Managers remotely view and download footage without having to physically go to the vehicle.

Bridge View

Bridge View is a service that requires a software download to a computer or laptop. This provides Fleet Managers with live video, video downloads and auto downloads to help with incident management by allowing remote access to vehicle cameras at any given time.

Bridge View AI

A service which brings Artificial Intelligence to the forefront of road safety by integrating with our easy to install AI Connected Dashcam.

By providing information on driver behaviour, such as forward collision warning and unsignalled lane departure, Fleet Managers can gain insight into information via the centralised dashboard. This can be implemented into training and promoting safe driving behaviours on the road.

Integration with third party Telematics platforms

Bridge View and Bridge View AI subscriptions include the option to connect a Brigade recording device to a third-party platform, allowing video events to be generated and downloaded from a third-party telematics device.

Bridge View and Bridge View AI offers a seamless integration with the Webfleet Telematics platform to all customers with existing Webfleet trackers.

Features of Webfleet

  • Telematics and video all in one platform
  • Compatible with Brigade’s MDR and AI Connected Dashcam recording devices
  • Review, playback and view location of video footage for easy identification of incidents
  • Auto download of video events based on Webfleet triggered events