Star Rating & Safe System

What products are required for a vehicle to meet a 1 star rating?

Star ratings are based on direct vision (what you can see directly out of the cab through the windows.) Fitting product will not allow you to gain a star rating as this based on direct vision alone and cannot change once it has left the manufacturer.

The safe permit allows you to comply with the direct vision standard and drive into London legally but will not alter your star rating. Products required are; a sensor system to cover the nearside, a nearside camera monitor system, left turn external audible warning and a warning sticker. It is recommended that a cut out switch for between the hours of 23.30 and 07:00 is also fitted.


Do you need all of the safe system requirements in order to be granted a permit if you currently have 0 star rating?

If you have a 0 star rating you do need to fit all requirements for the safe permit including; camera monitor system, sensors, audible warning alarm and a warning sticker.


What are the fundamental differences between a ‘safe system’ and a ‘progressive safe system?

The safe system combines technologies widely seen in specs such as FORS and CLOCS to include; sensors, camera monitor systems and audible warnings. TFL have not announced what the progressive system will be. Potentially TFL could increase the specification in line with FORS / CLOCS requirements to include an additional rear camera, digital recording and a reversing alarm as a minimum.

However with European legislation regarding blind spots due to all registrations from 2024 it is likely that some of the more advanced technologies will be adopted. These include; driver distraction recognition technologies, vulnerable road user detection for front and rear in addition to the side, alcohol detection and event data recorders. Senior engineers at Brigade form part of the working group for this legislation and are monitoring the situation closely.


Can you explain what the vehicle requires for each star rating please?

If a vehicle has a zero star rating, it will need to fit devices for indirect vision to comply with the safe permit. Vehicles 1 star and above do not need to fit equipment until the progressive safe system comes into force in 2024.


If a truck meets DVS Level 3 or even 5 will FORS and CLOCS still demand camera systems? Or would they recognize the DVS Standards instead and not require the camera and sensor systems?

Statement from FORS: “We became aware of the DVS standards some time ago, so we were able to prepare FORS Standard Version 5 to include the following statement in requirement S6 (Vehicle Safety Equipment) –

Where the driver has full view of the nearside blind spot area by direct vision, such as a left-hand drive vehicle, the camera system and in-cab display screen is not required.

However, as a national scheme it’s important we don’t impose DVS standards on all operators across the UK so we’ll maintain the current requirement for vehicle safety equipment as per requirement S6. If the DVS rating proves to deliver the same level of safety then it will be an acceptable alternative”.

Brigade works closely with FORS and contribute to their working group which considers new legislative and technological developments. FORS are planning to align their specifications to accommodate this and an updated FORS spec will be released later in the year.


Why when a vehicle manufacturer has responded with a star rating & you have sent this through to TFL, are you then asked for further evidence?

The photos are evidence of the equipment fitted for the safe permit (devices for indirect vision). Photos are only required for vehicles with a zero star rating.


If we purchase a new vehicle later this year or next year will the vehicle be fitted to the DVS requirements?

If you buy a vehicle which has a star rating of one or above you will not need to fit devices for indirect vision to meet DVS requirements currently. However the star rating will increase to 3 stars in 2024. DAF currently line fit devices for indirect vision on their CF models to meet the safe permit requirements.


Do 12t vehicles need to apply for permit as well or are exempt?

Vehicles of 12 tons GVW are not required to apply for a permit. Over 12 tons do need to apply.


What level of FORS offer the same as the DVS requirement – Bronze, Silver, Gold?

FORS bronze will be the equivalent of DVS for vehicles operating in Greater London only. FORS silver is a higher spec than DVS.