Being a responsible business owner

Improve vehicle and machine safety in the workplace

Being a responsible business owner: How reversing alarms can help you stay inside the law

Business owners are at the top of the company tree when it comes to responsibility – and there is no aspect more important to consider when it comes to responsibility than safety. If the worst should happen and an accident occur – involving an employee or a member of the public – it is the business owner that will have to deal with the consequences.

Prevention has long been shown to be better than a cure and there are always steps that can be taken to make work sites, roads and public spaces safer to help uphold that adage.

For those businesses that use vehicles – reversing alarms, observation cameras, radar and detection systems can all help prevent an accident – and show that a responsible business is committed to protecting its staff and public.

The buck stops at the top 

Health and safety in the workplace is a serious concern for all businesses – and the penalties for breaching laws that protects people is equally serious. Past court cases have shown how much companies – and their owners – can be liable for if found to be at fault.

In March 2014 the head of a cleaning company was fined £183,000 after an accident with an employee when a road-sweeping truck he was working on fell on him. In taking the case to court the Crown Prosecution Service also found sufficient evidence to charge the company, which was fined an additional £8,000.

Such fines back up the need for companies to make health and safety their utmost priority, and for company heads to reaffirm such policies to ensure everyone working for them is adequately protected.

Steps to safety

Regulations, rules and procedures around health and safety are commonplace in all work places for a reason. But there are always extra steps that can be taken to boost your health and safety policies.

Organising regular refreshers for staff – in which they are tested on procedure and what to do in the event of an emergency situation – reminds them of policy and keeps it at the forefront of their mind.

Similarly, organising regular training courses/refreshers to teach and remind workers how to go about using equipment properly will ensure they operate it safely. This is particularly important if staff use machinery and are engaged in manual work so they are not doing themselves any damage.

Bosses and company directors can also do regular walk rounds of their work sites to ensure policies are being adhered to, while keeping an eye out for hazards.

What Brigade can do

For companies working with vehicles, plant machinery or agricultural transportation the need for robust and comprehensive health and safety procedures are vital.

Reversing, turning and maneuvering a large vehicle can heighten the potential for hazards and accidents. At Brigade we have developed a range of systems, including reversing alarms, 360-degree cameras and sensors to help protect drivers, staff and the public.

We are always developing our technology to provide even better safety devices, tying in with our motto to make roads and worksites safer for all. Using our expert knowledge and technology helps us protect more people – from the chief executive to the worker on the factory floor.

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