All round safety: how 360 view cameras help boost road safety

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Keeping an eye on the area around your vehicle is a lesson that is drummed into us as learner drivers, but it is impossible to have your eyes on every side of a car at the same time.

As we’ve already discussed, the need to be aware of what’s going on to the side and behind you – as well as in front of you – is even more important for HGV drivers.

Thankfully there are products available these days that allow such drivers to see every side of their vehicle at the same time, giving them an uninterrupted 360° view.

Here, we explore the technology that is making this possible, how it works and how it can support your fleet.

An all-round view

The feature that sets 360° view cameras apart from other monitoring systems is in their very name – they are able to show the driver a complete all-round view of their vehicle, rather than just the blind spot or what’s behind them.

These systems will use a group of cameras, that monitor different points around the vehicle, with the images they take coming together to make one shot that the driver can concentrate on.

At Brigade we offer drivers all round safety through our Backeye®360 system. Using intelligent camera monitoring products, this innovative system gives drivers a real-time view of the area around their truck, tractor, bus or van in one single image.

Stats add up to safety 

As well as eliminating blind spots, 360° view cameras can help drivers assess and react to hazards by giving them fewer mirrors to check.

Research has shown that in the time it takes for a driver to scan four mirrors, assess the situation and then react to potential hazards, even at a speed as low as 5kph, a vehicle could travel as far as 10 metres. This also applies when manoeuvring at low speeds.

In comparison, in the time it takes a driver to check one mirror – or one monitor providing a 360° view – assess and react, a vehicle could only travel 4.7 metres, less than half the distance.

Giving a driver all-around visibility in one image saves them time and makes it a lot easier for them to assess and spot potential hazards quickly.

Manoeuvre with ease

Our Backeye®360 system is designed with manoeuvring in mind as we know this is when accidents can occur. Giving drivers a complete view around their vehicle in one place saves precious seconds, which can mean the difference between a collision happening or being avoided.

Backeye was also designed with vehicles in mind as we know they can suffer damage from low-speed collisions with inanimate objects, such as bollards and signs.

Our cameras are always recording so footage can also be used in incidents of ‘cash for crash’ scams, or in the event of vandalism and false insurance claims.

How we’re helping

Centuar, a luxury coach operator based in Crayford, is just one of the companies we have helped through our Backeye®360 system. The firm was looking for a solution to vehicle damage due to the rear swing and after fitting Brigade’s system has been able to cut down dramatically on such damage.

We are extremely proud of our pioneering Backeye system, which is compatible with all types of HGV as well as coaches, agricultural and plant vehicles. To find out more about how our innovative 360° view camera system can help protect your fleet – and drivers – contact one of our team here.