Safety not surveillance – how CCTV cameras support HGV drivers on our public roads

Complaining about commercial traffic on our roads is almost a national pastime for many motorists, but it’s important to remember that these vehicles fulfil a crucial role in our economy and everyday lives. Without them, many services we take for granted would simply grind to a halt. And HGVs certainly pay their way in terms of tax. A recent report by the Freight Transport Association found that tax paid by HGVs alone is equivalent to 94% of the total amount spent on road maintenance across the UK.

The challenging work of commercial drivers often goes unrecognised. To qualify as a lorry, bus or coach driver, excellent driving skills and road safety knowledge are a must. Drivers must be able to concentrate for long periods, and be prepared to work alone for lengthy stretches. Completing record sheets, log books and other trip data accurately are also essential requirements.

There’s no doubt that working as a commercial driver can be a difficult job, with a number of pressures to contend with. Take the trend in crash-for-cash incidents, for example. These scams are carried out by criminals who fake a collision in order to make a false claim for compensation, and commercial vehicles are often targeted. In addition, the tragic deaths of several cyclists hit by HGVs on city roundabouts in recent years has emphasised the need for truck drivers to remain hyper-aware of vulnerable road users in their vicinity.

Given the demands of 21st century driving, it’s no wonder that fleet operators are increasingly looking to CCTV technology as a way of protecting their staff and improving road safety for all.

State-of-the-art solutions

Brigade Electronics is proud to be at the forefront of vehicle camera and recording technology, not just in the UK, but globally. We have developed a full range of cameras for use on the front, back and sides of a vehicle, as well as in-cab cameras to enhance the safety of drivers and their passengers.

Brigade’s Backeye®360 system uses intelligent cameras to eliminate blind spots by giving drivers a real-time view of the area around their truck, coach or bus in one single image on an in-cab monitor. When these cameras are linked to a mobile digital recording set-up (MDR), the footage can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of a collision, or any kind of incident such as vandalism, or theft from a vehicle. One of the many benefits of MDR is that it’s able to support drivers who can often be the subject of increased scrutiny after an incident. Our latest MDR systems also have 3G/4G connectivity features, which means data can be live-streamed remotely with real-time GPS tracking.

Safety not surveillance

Here at Brigade, we take the issue of privacy seriously. We recognise that some drivers have concerns about CCTV recording, especially when in-cab cameras are installed.

It’s the responsibility of fleet operators to gain explicit consent from their drivers before installing cameras and MDR, as detailed in our customer GDPR pack When the benefits of CCTV are fully explained, we’ve found drivers are quick to understand that cameras will support them in their professional lives, offering the opportunity for enhanced training, safety and protection.

Fleet managers and drivers all over the world are now enjoying the benefits of Brigade cameras and MDR technology, for example the Italian luxury coach and bus hire company Flybus. Read our Flybus case study here.

And if you’d like more information on Brigade and our award-winning commercial vehicle safety products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.