Saving lives, protecting companies: high-definition road and workplace safety

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Here at Brigade, we strive to provide commercial road safety devices that complement each other and offer a range of cohesive and compatible safety benefits and features.

This includes our best-selling Backeye®360 which is designed to assist with low-speed manoeuvring by eliminating blind spots on vehicles to protect workers, pedestrians and cyclists from collisions. Thanks to its high-definition specifications, the HD Backeye®360 BN360-300 gives drivers even better clarity with clearer, crisper images and a flexible configuration making it suitable for almost all vehicles.

While preventing deaths and injuries on the road and in the workplace is no doubt our number one priority, keeping our customers’ equipment safe, protecting companies from security issues and maintaining fleet efficiency are also top of our agenda.

This is why Brigade’s HD Backeye®360 BN360-300 is fully compatible with our vehicle CCTV Mobile Digital Recording system, offering complete security and peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers by acting as a reliable eye-witness in the event of an accident, false claim or theft.

What is high definition?

High definition means a high resolution image will be displayed on your monitor, providing clarity and detail, allowing you to see an object or person in your blind spot with ease.

All Brigade’s high-definition cameras are provided in analogue high definition format and offer many benefits to commercial vehicle drivers. These include being able to transmit video over traditional cabling across distances as far as 500 metres – plenty of cabling length for any commercial vehicle – allowing our installer network to ensure your vehicle is set up and ready to go without compromising on time or safety.

Additionally, there is no video latency, so drivers will benefit from a true view of everything on the monitor. This also means on screen display menus are supported, offering a better user experience when operating and installing.

You can find out more information about high-definition cameras and the differences between standard, analogue and digital formats here.

Backeye®360 BN360-300 High Definition’s features include:

  • Fully compatible with Brigade’s vehicle CCTV MDR devices for high-definition recording of individual camera channels
  • 1280 x 720 high-definition video output
  • Configuration and views can be tailored to each application
  • Speed trigger to show specific views at a configured speed
  • 15 monitor view options, including portrait, landscape and split-screen
  • Configurable on-screen parking markers

For further information about Brigade and our range of commercial vehicle safety products, please speak to one of our friendly team on 01322 420300 or email [email protected].