School bus safety – are our children properly protected?

The new academic term is upon us, and roads are once again clogged with cars and buses transporting children to and from school. Despite the efforts of local education authorities and road safety campaigners, every year there are accidents involving school buses around the UK.

Just last month in Scotland, where the autumn term begins in late August, a coach flipped onto its side following a collision with a car. Twenty-one high school pupils and two adults were taken to hospital in the crash on a rural road near Dumbarton.

Enquiries into the cause of the incident are ongoing, but it’s a reminder to school bus operators to remain ever-vigilant as they seek to ensure pupils’ safety during school runs.

Blind spot cameras and sensor systems can be an invaluable support for drivers, helping them to monitor what’s happening around their vehicle, and indeed inside the coach itself.

Our sophisticated cameras give drivers a live feed, keeping a close eye on blind spots at the back and sides of their buses, so that they can instantly identify vehicles, cyclists or children in the road. Cameras inside the bus help drivers to monitor any misbehaviour by pupils – providing reassurance for the driver, as well as a deterrent for over-exuberant pupils. Footage can also be recorded, which means that irrefutable evidence of incidents inside or outside the bus is easily available should it ever be required.

Cameras, such as our bestselling Backeye®360 are helping to keep our school children – and all road users – better protected than ever before.

Sound the alarm

It’s not just cameras that can benefit school bus operators. Reversing warning alarms should be a basic safety measure, alerting any pedestrians, cyclists or other road users that a school bus is backing up. Many accidents occur off-road, for example in coach lay-bys or car parks, and these alarms provide a vital addition to any school bus company’s safety armour.

Our alarms use the highest spec multi-frequency broadband technology, creating a ‘ssh-ssh’ sound which is gentle on the ear and dissipates quickly, meaning the alarm can only be heard in the danger zone. As an alternative to traditional ‘beep beep’ alarms, these white sound alarms eliminate noise nuisance while still providing the ultimate in safety.

We’re proud to say that at Brigade, we never stop learning. Our research and development experts work ceaselessly to bring the latest technology to the market. It’s our mission to ensure drivers all over the world are equipped with innovative, reliable and highly efficient safety products.

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