Social Distancing in The Workplace: How Brigade’s BRIDGE is Helping Companies to Continue Safely

With the pandemic still very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds, providing reassurance that the workplace is a safe environment for those unable to work from home, and that social distancing measures can be met, is of the utmost importance for all involved.

Here at Brigade, safety is in our DNA. For decades it has been our mission to protect and save lives through our range of global-leading, award-winning vehicle safety systems. Our expertise has helped change road and site safety for the better, improving regulations and setting legislation. Now we are using this invaluable insight to assist operators with a safe and secure return to the workplace.

Mobile Digital Recording – securing sites and keeping workers safe

In our previous blog How Plant Operators Could Benefit From Brigade’s MDR Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we discussed how sites could be kept safe and secure while closed. Since lockdown, plant and tool theft rates have soared by approximately 50%, with many mothballed construction sites becoming prime targets.

Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recorder functionality allows operators to remotely access their vehicle, even when they cannot physically access site, providing peace of mind and the reassurance that a closed site remains safe and secure.

However, returning to work has presented a new set of challenges, such as ensuring that social distancing is abided by. Currently, where companies cannot operate effectively from home, social distancing measures of 2-metres should be adhered to. Limiting human contact is vital to controlling the virus and preventing infection. This is where Brigade’s MDR and our fully managed 4G Cloud service, BRIDGE, comes in.

The benefits of BRIDGE for social distancing

BRIDGE’s benefits include:

  • Live vehicle cameras and metadata: operators can view up to 64 cameras from multiple MDRs on one screen at any time
  • Remote playback of footage stored on the vehicle’s MDR
  • Vehicle tracking and dedicated location map: allows operators to track GPS location and speed. Alarms will notify operators immediately when an issue has occurred, such as an incident.
  • Footage can be downloaded:
    • Automatically: pre-alarm and post-alarm footage
    • On schedule: one-off download to the server will commence once vehicle is online
    • Manually: download historical footage from the MDR to local storage
  • Geo-fencing – easily set up geographical boundaries to track when a vehicle enters and leaves areas. Up to 12 areas can be set per vehicle MDR.
  • Fleet Manager Triggers – optional email notifications for triggered alarms. These include geo-fencing, speeding, G-Force, HDD error and video loss.

These key functions of BRIDGE, along with MDRs, are helping to keep contact between workers to an absolute minimum. Unlike in the past when data needed to be physically retrieved from a vehicle, operators and fleet managers no longer need to visit vehicles to obtain MDR footage. This can all be done remotely with BRIDGE, limiting employee interaction and reducing the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Likewise, fleet managers no longer need to wait for vehicles to return to depots to download vital data and footage. This can all be done while the vehicle is still on the road.

If you would like to know more about how we can help keep your workforce safe, and your vehicles secure, get in touch today.