The Sound of Safety

Electric vehicle safety EVS elecectric vehicle sounder

Brigade Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of the new Electric Vehicle Sounder.

With electric vehicles becoming commonplace, the danger these quieter vehicles pose to vulnerable road users (VRU) increases. Brigade’s Electric Vehicle Sounder mimics the sound of an internal combustion engine at low speeds allowing VRU’s to instantly locate where the sound is coming from and take evasive action.

Studies have concluded that electric vehicles pose a danger to VRU’s, increasing the risk of incidents with pedestrians by up to 80%. Brigade’s patented bbs-tek® technology uses a multi-frequency sound which is directional and easily locatable meaning that the sound is only heard when it matters – in the hazard zone.

Why fit an Electric Vehicle Sounder?

  • Reduce the risk of collisions with vulnerable road users
  • Warn VRU’s an electric vehicle is approaching when driving at low speeds
  • Comply with both US and UN standards

Why Brigade’s System?

bbs-tek® patented technology

1. Multi-frequency sound

2. Directional and locatable – the sound is only heard in the hazard zone

  • Front and rear speaker solution
  • Pitch and volume increase with speed to mimic an internal combustion engine
  • Sound cuts out above a given speed threshold
  • Designed for the electric CV & PSV Market


More information

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