Vehicles need more than a warning sticker to solve the blind spot problem

Fleet operators have a wide variety of options when it comes to enhancing the safety of their vehicles, but while a selection of warning stickers is better than nothing, it’s certainly not the most effective way to safeguard vulnerable road users.

Warning stickers for commercial vehicles are just one way to protect pedestrians and cyclists; members of FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, are required to fit HGVs and vehicles designed to carry more than 16 people with blind spot warning signage. The FORS-approved signs read ‘Blind spot – take care’ and are designed to warn off the hazard and advise other road users to take appropriate action.

However, a recent Transport for London factsheet stated that during 2017 there were 27,089 collisions reported by the police involving cyclists, resulting in 32,567 casualties. Of these, 131 people were fatally injured and 3750 seriously injured. Clearly, warning stickers alone are not sufficient to overcome the perennial issue of the blind spot.

Responsible fleet operators have a duty to ensure their vehicles don’t constitute a hazard to other road users. From reversing and warning alarms to camera monitor systems and ultrasonic proximity sensors, there’s a wealth of equipment which will improve viewing angles, remove blind spots and alert pedestrians to approaching danger.

The sheer size of many commercial vehicles means that blind spots are a major factor in incidents across all industries. Driver visibility can be limited by bulkheads, lack of rear windows and operator positions, but a blind spot detection system installation can resolve these issues and create a safe on-the-move working environment.

Our camera monitor systems enable drivers and operators to manoeuvre safely. The vehicle-mounted CCTV cameras help the driver see blind spots and offer a reversing aid by delivering a live feed on the monitor of everything in the camera view, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Our Backeye®360 is an intelligent camera monitoring system designed to assist low-speed manoeuvring by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle in real time. Ultra-wide-angle cameras mounted on the front, sides and rear of the vehicle capture the surrounding areas including all blind spots.

It’s also worth investing in ultrasonic proximity sensors, which are ideal for vehicles operating in confined spaces or manoeuvring at low speed. The detection system alerts the driver to nearby obstacles, both moving and stationary, while an audible and/or visual in-cab warning informs the driver of the distance to the obstacle.

So don’t rely on warning stickers – get in touch to find out how we can help your vehicles contribute to safer roads for everyone.