What is the best reversing backup camera for a truck?

Choosing the best backup camera for heavy goods vehicles is vital when helping your drivers achieve easier and safer reversing manoeuvres. The rear blind spot is difficult to manage and makes parking, towing and reversing both dangerous and difficult. A reversing backup camera is the perfect solution to addressing the issue, saving costs, vehicle down time in the event of an accident and most importantly, lives.

Many features are overlooked by businesses before committing to fitting its entire fleet with reversing cameras. In this blog we will talk you through what to look out for when thinking about installing reversing cameras.

With many camera options to choose from, the most important aspect to consider is the cameras ability to function properly every day without fault. This may seem obvious but there are many inferior products on today’s market that can not stand extreme weather conditions or mechanical shock and vibration that occur throughout a vehicle’s daily journeys. A broken camera defeats the purpose of installing one in the first place and means you will have to go back to the drawing board.

Two aspects that can quickly point you in the direction of a quality reversing camera are IP ratings and warranty periods.

IP Ratings – will my backup camera keep moisture and dust at bay?

The Ingress Protection rating (IP rating) of a camera will give a good indication of how well the camera will perform in harsh environments. These ratings are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against foreign bodies such as dirt and moisture. This system for measuring ingress protection was formed by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and can be found in standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989). See our guide “IP ratings explained” to find out more.

Ultimately, purchasing a camera that is highly rated will mean you have a waterproof and dust proof product that will work no matter what you throw at it.

Warranty Periods – will my reversing camera stand the test of time?

A long warranty period is also a good sign that a product will last. Warranties act as a good measure of the amount of confidence a company will place in its own products and safeguard you from any faults if they were to occur.

Which cameras have high IP ratings and long warranty periods?

Brigade’s Shutter cameras are specifically designed to perform as best in class reversing cameras. Our Elite and Select ranges both hold an IP69K rating and 5 and 3 year warranty periods respectively.

The automatic shutter closes over the camera and is triggered to open when the driver enters in to reverse gear. A nice feature that protects the camera from dirt, dust and water when not in use,

providing longevity and keeps the lens clean as not to impede the drivers view.



  • Infrared LEDs for ultra-low-light performance
  • Day/night sensor
  • Audio
  • Heater
  • Normal/mirror view
  • Wide Dynamic Range



  • Infrared LEDs for ultra-low-light performance
  • Day/night sensor
  • Audio
  • Heater
  • Normal/mirror view




Which vehicles benefit from installing a backup shutter camera?

The shutter can improve the life and visibility of a reversing camera considerably. Where vehicles operate in harsh environments, reversing cameras usually suffer from dirt and dust on the lens, blocking the drivers view and rendering the camera useless. The shutter protects the camera, only revealing it when in use, reducing exposure time significantly.


Vehicle safety products for construction vehicles and machines

Construction & Quarries

In Construction and Quarrying, dust is rife and can be a serious issue for camera systems that lack ingress protection. Apart from blocking the lens, dust can play havoc with the internal wiring of a camera. The best reversing backup cameras will ensure your driver can safely go about their job without having to worry about a dangerous rear blind spot.

Industry Statistic: The second most common cause of fatal injuries in construction is being struck by a moving vehicle.





Vehicles in the agriculture industry contest with all sorts of conditions, whether that be on or off road. By their very nature, tractors, telehandlers and combines are large and powerful machines with huge blind spots. Reversing cameras are usually in prime position to be smattered with dirt and mud, preventing the driver from seeing a clear picture of where they are reversing. A reversing camera is just the start of best practice for vehicle safety, it is highly recommended other driving assistance products are used.

Industry Statistic: Moving vehicles account for 19% of all injuries in agriculture.



Vehicle safety products for waste vehicles

Waste and Recycling

Waste trucks often operate in the early hours of the morning where temperatures are coolest, leaving ice to form on the lens of the camera. The in-built heaters on Brigade’s reversing shutter cameras melts away the ice, providing a clear picture for the driver to continue performing reversing manoeuvres in safety. The operating temperature of Brigade’s shutter cameras is as low as -40°C, meaning countries with extreme temperatures can still adopt best safety practices.

Industry Statistic: 32% of fatal injuries occurred due to contact with moving machinery and 27% occurred due to being struck by a moving vehicle.


The rear blind spot

Even during daylight hours or when there is sufficient lighting at night, the rear blind spot still poses a significant danger for both the driver, other road users and objects. A backup camera will help take the stress away from reversing by providing the driver with a complete view of the rear of the vehicle on a monitor in the cab. Brigade’s range of shutter cameras all feature Infrared LEDs so a clear picture can be seen at night and in dimly lit locations.

A backup reversing camera is fundamental to improving vehicle safety. So much so that it is now a legal requirement for all newly manufactured vehicles to be sold in the USA to have backup cameras installed as a standard feature.

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