Hydrogen bus business gets helping hand from Brigade Electronics Poland

Revolutionizing Urban Transit: NesoBus gets a helping hand from Brigade Electronics Poland

Hydrogen buses are hailed to be the future for city and urban transport, helping to eliminate CO2 emissions and other pollutants. These innovative vehicles generate electricity via fuel cells using hydrogen located in a fuel tank, which combines with oxygen in the air, to power the vehicle’s motor. As a result, only water vapor is emitted from the bus’s exhaust, making it extremely clean and eco-friendly.

NesoBus is the first hydrogen-powered bus to be produced in Poland. Created by a team of Polish constructors and engineers in collaboration with partners across Europe and the world, NesoBus is a zero-emission bus with a range of 280 Miles. This means it can operate for two days continuously without the need for recharging.

We have trialled Brigade’s systems on NesoBus for many months across numerous cities in Poland and in all types of weather conditions. We have received very positive feedback from the drivers, who expressed how good visibility around the bus was due to the Backeye®360 - particularly when maneuvering the vehicle at low speeds, reversing and turning.
Mr Marek Wasil, representative from Polski Autobus Wodorowy

Brigade’s products are excellent quality and provide exceptional functionality. We are delighted to be using them on the NesoBus.
Mr Marek Wasil, representative from Polski Autobus Wodorowy

Mr Marek Wasil is a representative from Polski Autobus Wodorowy, the company that created NesoBus. The company’s goal was to create not only the most environmentally friendly and modern bus on the market, but to equip it with the highest quality safety systems available that would complement its credentials and support drivers operating in built-up areas.

NesoBus’s team of designers specifically chose Brigade Electronics’ safety solutions as they offered the most advanced technology that fulfilled all requirements for eliminating blind spots around the vehicle. Additionally, Brigade’s range of innovative products created maximum visibility for drivers while enhancing safety for passengers and other road users.

The NesoBus was fitted with a range of Brigade’s safety solutions. These included Brigade’s best-selling Backeye®360, which provides a real-time 360-degree surround view of the vehicle in a single image via a monitor mounted in the driver’s cab.

As with other electric vehicles, the NesoBus is extremely quiet at low speeds. This poses a risk to vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and those who are visually impaired. To address this potential hazard, Brigade’s Quiet Vehicle Sounder QVS was installed.

An Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System, the award-winning QVS uses multi-frequency patented bbs-tek® White Sound technology to create a highly directional and instantly locatable warning sound at low speeds. The sound is only heard in the hazard zone, dissipating quickly and cutting out at higher speeds to help minimize noise pollution.

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