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Brigade has been pioneering the cause of vehicle safety since 1976, which has earned us a wealth of knowledge and experience. Whether you operate an international, multi-vehicle fleet or a small business, we have the expertise to help with your vehicle and mobile plant safety requirements.

We understand your industry and the problems you face.

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Agriculture is a hugely diverse industry with a host of challenges. In a global market where farmers have to be efficient to remain competitive, the need to strike a balance between productivity and safety is crucial.


Airports are extremely busy places with a wide range of operating vehicles that are constantly on the move. Multiple companies within an airport employ thousands of people and thousands more people travel through each day.

Bus & Coach

PSV transport and passenger-carrying vehicles such as buses, coaches and minibuses provide an essential service for today’s commuters and leisure travellers.


On construction sites, worker and vehicle safety is paramount. However, heavy plant machinery combined with on and off-road construction vehicles pose a real threat.


With the distribution industry booming and an increased demand for home-delivery and courier services, it is essential that delivery vehicles operate efficiently yet safely.

Freight & Haulage

Freight and haulage is the backbone of the economy yet the public perception of heavy goods vehicles is poor. They are seen as machines that dominate the roads and cause collisions, congestion and noise pollution.

Quarry & Mining

Keeping workers safe in mining and quarry sites is a challenging yet necessary task. The industries operate in tough environments and large mobile plant can pose a very real danger to site workers.

Refuse & Waste

Refuse vehicles and waste trucks are typically large and heavy, making them less manoeuvrable compared to regular passenger vehicles. 

Road Construction

Road construction is a hazardous occupation and ranked as one of the most dangerous places to work. Whilst roads are safer and casualties are at their lowest level for over 40 years, incidents involving road workers have risen.

Sea Ports

Keeping port operations running efficiently yet safely is a challenging task. With ever-moving cargoes, vehicles and plant, it is unsurprising that vehicle-related incidents in ports are one of the highest of any industry. 


Specialist vehicles and machines such as used in agriculture, highway construction, quarries, blue light, ports and utility require bespoke safety solutions which are tailored to their particular purpose and operating environment.