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Safety in the Agricultural Industry

Agriculture is a hugely diverse industry with a host of challenges.

In a global market where farmers have to be efficient to remain competitive, the need to strike a balance between productivity and safety is crucial. Design of modern machinery has led to significant performance improvements, but the nature and size of these machines mean operator visibility is now often impaired.

Blind spots are a contributory factor in many incidents involving agricultural machinery with their shape, size and elevated operator positions all limiting the field of vision. In fact, agriculture has the worst fatality record of any industry in Europe. One quarter of all fatal accidents in agriculture result from moving vehicles.

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Find the right safety system for your construction vehicle and plant machinery

Brigade’s construction vehicle safety systems are suitable for most commercial vehicles and plant machinery. To help you to select the correct devices, we have made recommendations for each vehicle.

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Our construction vehicle safety equipment

Backeye®360 Camera Monitor System

Intelligent camera monitor system offering the driver a ‘birds-eye’ surround view of the vehicle in one image.

Backsense® Radar Obstacle Detection

Heavy-duty radar sensor system that detects and alerts the driver of stationary and moving objects in blind spots.

White Sound® Reversing Alarm

Instantly locatable and directional sound. Alarms are only heard in the danger zone, therefore eliminating noise nuisance.

Mobile Digital Recording – Vehicle CCTV

Recording system capable of capturing vehicle data and footage from 16 cameras with 4G and WiFi for live remote access.

Experience our TOUGH range

Heavy-duty safety solutions

Brigade’s TOUGH products have been designed to provide a selection of even tougher devices with enhanced durability. Tested to the highest of standards and available with 3, 5 and lifetime warranties, this range is ideal for construction vehicles operating in the harshest of conditions. Includes products from heavy duty cameras to reversing alarms.

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