Safety Systems for Airport Vehicles

Airports are extremely busy places with a wide range of operating vehicles that are constantly on the move. Multiple companies within an airport employ thousands of people and thousands more people travel through each day. Keeping everyone safe whilst working on a tight schedule is a complex task yet is of paramount importance.

Aprons are potentially the most perilous of all airport environments: they are congested, noisy, and packed with a diverse fleet of vehicles, all traveling at a variety of speeds and directions.

Why Brigade?

  • Pioneers in Vehicle Safety since 1976
  • Brigade is a partner with OEMs specialising in Ground Support Equipment
  • Brigade equipment is in use with major airports inc Europe, North America, Asia & Middle East
  • Rigorous and comprehensive testing ensures Brigade products are of a high standard
  • 2, 3, 5, and lifetime warranties on Brigade products.



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