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Safety in the Airport Industry

Airports are extremely busy places with a wide range of operating vehicles that are constantly on the move. Multiple compaines within an airport employ thousands of people and thousands more people travel though each day. Keeping everyone safe whilst working to a tight schedule is a complex task yet is of paramount importance.

Aprons are potentially the most perilous of all airport environments: they are congested, noisy, and packed with a diverse fleet of vehicles, all traveling at a variety of speeds and directions.

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Our vehicle safety equipment

Backeye®360 Camera Monitor System

Intelligent camera monitor system offering the driver a ‘birds-eye’ surround view of the vehicle in one image.

White Sound® Reversing Alarm

Instantly locatable and directional sound. Alarms are only heard in the danger zone, therefore eliminating noise nuisance.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

Alerts the driver to moving or stationary obstacles close by via an in-cab warning. Optional external speaking alarm.

Mobile Digital Recording – Vehicle CCTV

Recording system capable of capturing vehicle data and footage from 16 cameras with 4G and WiFi for live remote access.





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Servicing, maintaining, and supporting aircraft operations requires working efficiently in all weathers to ensure a fast aircraft turnround and meet tight airline schedules. The possibility of being struck by vehicles on the airport apron is one of the occupational hazards that face apron workers. Many incidents occur during aircraft turnround when a vehicle is reversing or during aircraft pushback, during which an operator’s field of vision is limited. Many airside workers wear ear-defenders meaning that approaching vehicles may not be heard whilst darkness or low-light conditions and poor weather also contribute to vehicle-related incidents.

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How Brigade can help

  • All-round visibility for safer, faster operation
  • Fewer noise complaints
  • Reduced accidents and fatalities
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • False claim prevention
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Peace of mind for management and workers
  • Strengthened reputation in the community