Recommended Systems

Airport Tug

Which Products Do I Need?

Brigade’s complementary range of safety devices help prevent collisions by assisting the driver whilst protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists. To help you select which solutions you need, the following information features the Brigade safety products we recommend for this vehicle.

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Product Information

Camera Monitor Systems
  1. g Camera Monitor Systems


    In-cab monitor

  2. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Rear-view camera

  3. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Left side-view camera

  4. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Right side-view camera

Reversing and Warning Alarms
  1. g Reversing and Warning Alarms


    bbs-tek® self adjusting reversing alarm

Radar Obstacle Detection
  1. g Radar Obstacle Detection


    Backsense® radar obstacle detection

Mobile Digital Recording
  1. g Mobile Digital Recording


    4 channel mobile recording system

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