You’re safer with us

You’re Safer With Us

‘We are in the business of saving lives’

Chris Hanson-Abbott

Our Story

Chris Hanson-Abbott formed Brigade Electronics in 1976, inspired by the strange beeping sound he heard emanating from the rear of a small truck on a street in Tokyo.

At the time reversing safety had not been addressed outside of Japan, but with the Health & Safety at Work Act recently passed into UK law and vehicles already accounting for a vast number of fatalities, Chris felt it time for change.

With support from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Brigade launched its first reversing alarm at the 1976 Commercial Vehicle show in London. The reaction was mixed. The press was curious, but the vehicle manufacturers and fleet owners were less enamoured, and the show ended without a single sale. To add insult to injury the publicity culminated in the Department for Transport announcing that reversing alarms contravened the Construction & Use Regulations – and were thus illegal.

Undeterred, Chris continued his quest for safer roads and worksites. He challenged the mind set of potential customers and lobbied the Government tirelessly to change regulations until eventually his drive and belief saw his vision start to be taken seriously. It took a further two years before Brigade’s first alarm sale, to a prestigious UK bus company, and many more years for health and safety culture to be fully addressed. Nowadays, vehicle safety systems are universally accepted as a necessity for plant and commercial vehicles and this progress has undoubtedly played an important part in saving many lives.

The experience and knowledge gained since those early days has enabled Brigade to understand fully the industry and the problems customers face.

Brigade was, and still is, at the forefront of the industry, whether this be pioneering new products or opening and educating new markets around the world.

Our Mission

We develop and apply innovative safety solutions for ​commercial vehicles and mobile machinery, preventing collisions and saving lives.

Our Vision

Zero lives lost through collisions with commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.

Our Culture & Values

At Brigade, we thrive on the commitment and dedication of our incredible team. We understand the significance of not only the work we do but also the values and culture that define us.


We are ambitious for our people and our business.

Customer Centric

Our customers are our highest priority.

One Team

We work in a diverse multi-national environment where we trust and respect each other and where everyone thrives.

We Innovate

We seek new and better ways.

Own It

We are accountable for our actions, decisions and outcomes.

Safe and Secure

At Brigade we understand that without quality, reliable products we would not be the company we are today, which is why we go the extra mile to make sure safety is not compromised.

Products are only released once we are confident they are fit for purpose. It would be easy to forget this with the lure of new technologies, but this is not the Brigade way. Whatever the product or technology, it has to pass rigorous and comprehensive testing before we consider it suitable to be included in our portfolio.

A closely controlled design and manufacturing process plus in-house Research and Development is all managed by a proficient engineering team that sets us apart from the competition. They ensure our products are, and remain, at a consistently high standard.

Why Brigade?

From our humble beginnings in the UK, we are now viewed as a market leader in vehicle safety systems. With a strong network of worldwide subsidiaries and partnerships with approved distributors, all chosen for their high level of service and expertise, we have the experience and knowledge to understand your industry and the problems you face.


It is the thoroughness of our product development and testing process that distinguishes Brigade products from the competition. Reliable, consistent products and controlled development and production procedures have enabled us to ensure our products are, and remain at, a consistently high standard.

Partners & Charities

At Brigade Electronics, our commitment to safety extends beyond our products. We take pride in our collaborations with esteemed partners and engagement with charitable initiatives. By fostering strong alliances and supporting meaningful causes, we strive to amplify the impact of our safety solutions.