Safety Systems for the Waste and Utility Industry

Refuse vehicles and waste trucks are typically large and heavy, making them less manoeuvrable compared to regular passenger vehicles. Their size and weight can result in longer stopping distances and difficulty navigating through narrow residentials streets, crowded junctions, and pedestrian-heavy areas.

Due to the design of these vehicles, drivers have limited visibility around the truck, especially on the sides and rear. Workers, pedestrians and cyclists may inadvertently find themselves in blind spots, making them vulnerable to accidents and collisions when the driver is unaware of their presence.

Compatible vehicles

  • Vehicle safety products for telehandlers
  • vehicle safety products for waste truck
  • vehicle safety products for wheel loaders

    While refuse collection is an essential service, operating garbage trucks and waste vehicles in urban areas can cause problems, such as:

    • Receiving complaints about noisy reversing alarms
    • Damage being made to parked vehicles
    • Collisions happening with people, cyclists and objects
    • Reversing accidents due to the rear blind spot
    • Receiving false accusations of damage to vehicles or property

    To address these risks, it is vital for cities, towns, councils and waste management companies to implement safety measures. Fitting our advanced safety technology to waste and refuse trucks will support drivers with manoeuvring their vehicles safely and help them to avoid collisions with people and objects. Overall, our systems will enhance the safety of the communities in which waste and refuse vehicles operate by preventing injuries and deaths.

    How Brigade’s products will benefit your waste and refuse operation

    • Providing drivers with all round vehicle visibility for a safer and more efficient operation
    • Minimising accidents and therefore lessening vehicle downtime
    • Lowering insurance premiums
    • Meeting health and safety requirements
    • Strengthening your company’s reputation
    • Providing compliance with multiple country-specific regulations, including ISO, UN, AETR, and DVS
    • Giving peace of mind to management and workers
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    Products that improve safety and reduce risks


    Backeye®360 is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low-speed manoeuvring by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle in real-time. Four ultra wide-angle cameras are mounted high on the front, rear and sides of a vehicle, with each camera covering one full side and giving a viewing angle of 180°. The four live images are simultaneously sent to an electronic control unit (ECU) where they are instantly processed, combined, blended, and stitched together to eliminate blind spots and provide real-time views. 

    Mobile Digital Recording

    Brigade’s MDR-600 series comprises robust mobile digital recording devices capable of capturing video from up to 12 analogue AHD and 1080P IP cameras, as well as recording other meta data such as location and speed. Offering 4G connectivity, the system can provide live or recorded video, as well as the vehicle’s location – all of which can be accessed remotely while the waste truck is out on the road.

    Brigade Camera and Monitor
    Camera Monitor Systems

    Camera monitor systems are a vast improvement on the many mirrors needed to view waste and refuse vehicle blind spots, which can cause ‘information overload’ for drivers who need to check numerous mirrors. Our Backeye® monitors eliminate blind spots and allow multiple images from the waste management truck camera to be viewed on a single monitor with dedicated views triggered by, for example, reverse gear.

    Brigade Ultrasonic Sensors

    Obstacle detection using ultrasonic sensors can minimise both vehicle damage and collisions with pedestrians or cyclists. Perfect for road-going commercial vehicles operating in confined spaces or manoeuvring at low speed.

    The detection system alerts the driver of obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary.

    Brigade AI Camera
    AI Cameras

    Our AI product range includes object detectors and cameras, all designed to improve the safety of commercial vehicles. With our AI technology, drivers can detect objects around the vehicle, preventing collisions and crashes.

    Learn more about our AI products, including the 360-degree detection system, the pedestrian warning system and more. With our AI technology, you can be assured of safe and secure travel.

    Backsense® Radar

    Backsense® heavy-duty radar proximity sensor systems are designed to detect people and objects in blind spots, significantly reducing accidents. They detect stationary and moving objects, providing the driver with in-cab visual and audible warnings – alerting the operator whose attention cannot be focused on all danger areas. Backsense® obstacle detection sensors work effectively in harsh environments and in poor visibility including darkness, smoke and fog.

    Backsense® Radar sensors are available in fixed detection range models and fully programmable models allowing bespoke detection areas and the ability to calibrate-out fixed objects or bodywork.

    Why choose Brigade?

    We’re leading the way in making the collection of waste and refuse safer for workers and members of the public. By choosing from our range of products, you will benefit from:

    • Access to country-specific approved installers
    • Two, three, five and lifetime product warranties
    • Global product support
    • Products that have been rigorously tested in different environments
    • Simple to download guides and tutorials
    • Online device diagnostic workflows
    • Easily downloadable software updates
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