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Garbage and Waste

Vehicle safety systems for the waste industry.

Garbage trucks and waste trucks are typically large and heavy, making them less manoeuvrable compared to regular passenger vehicles, weight can result in longer stopping distances and difficulty navigating through narrow residential streets, crowded junctions, and pedestrian-heavy areas.

Due to the design of these vehicles, drivers have limited visibility around the truck, especially on the sides and rear. Workers, pedestrians and cyclists may inadvertently find themselves in blind spots, making them vulnerable to accidents and collisions when the driver is unaware of their presence.

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Problems within the garbage and waste industry

While garbage collection is an essential service, operating garbage trucks and waste vehicles in urban areas can cause problems, such as:


  • Receiving complaints about noisy reversing alarms
  • Damage being made to parked vehicles
  • Collisions happening with people, cyclists and objects
  • Reversing accidents due to the rear blind spot
  • Receiving false accusations of damage to vehicles or property
To address these risks, cities, towns, councils and waste management companies need to implement safety measures. Fitting our advanced safety technology to waste and garbage trucks will support drivers with manoeuvring their vehicles safely and help them avoid collisions with people and objects. Overall, our systems will enhance the safety of the communities in which waste and garbage vehicles operate by preventing injuries and deaths.

Find the right safety system for your garbage and waste vehicle or fleet

Brigade’s commercial vehicle and plant safety systems are suitable for most waste and refuse vehicles. These safety systems include front and rear-view cameras360° camerasside cameras, in-cab monitorsultrasonic sensors, Backsense®detection​, bbs-tek® backup alarms and mobile digital recorders.

To help you to select the correct devices, we have made recommendations for each vehicle.

Explore our range of

Safety Solutions for Garbage & Waste

Backeye®360 Camera Monitor System

Intelligent camera monitor system offering the driver a ‘birds-eye’ surround view of the vehicle in one image.

Camera Monitor Systems

Brigade’s camera monitor systems enable drivers and operators to manoeuvre and drive safely.

Artificial Intelligence

Learn more about our AI products, including the 360-degree detection system, the pedestrian warning system and more.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

Alerts the driver to moving or stationary obstacles close by via an in-cab warning. Optional external speaking alarm.

Backup and Warning Alarms

Instantly locatable and directional sound. Alarms are only heard in the danger zone, therefore eliminating noise nuisance.

Backsense®  Radar Detection

Alerts the driver to moving or stationary obstacles close by via an in-cab warning. Optional external speaking alarm.

Radar Predict

Using AI technology, the single dual-radar analyses data such as the speed and direction of both the vehicle and the cyclist. By differentiating between static and moving objects, the Radar Predict algorithm alerts the driver when an impact with a cyclist is likely.

Mobile Digital Recording

Our MDR range of digital video recorders offers high-quality recording functionality so that you can rest assured that you and your drivers are protected.

How Brigade’s products will benefit your operation

  • Providing drivers with all round vehicle visibility for a safer and more efficient operation
  • Minimising accidents and therefore lessening vehicle downtime
  • Lowering insurance premiums
  • Meeting health and safety requirements
  • Strengthening your company’s reputation
  • Providing compliance with multiple country-specific regulations, including ISO, UN, AETR, and DVS
  • Giving peace of mind to management and workers

How Brigade Can Help

We’re leading the way in making the collection of waste and garbage safer for workers and members of the public. By choosing from our range of products, you will benefit from:


  • Access to country-specific approved installers
  • Two, three, five and lifetime product warranties
  • Global product support
  • Products that have been rigorously tested in different environments
  • Simple to download guides and tutorials
  • Online device diagnostic workflows
  • Easily downloadable software updates

Refuse and Garbage


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