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AI Cameras

Why AI Detection Camera Systems?

Almost every week, cyclists and pedestrians are involved in collisions involving commercial vehicles. Many vulnerable road users are unaware of the blind spots to the front and rear of a truck, leading to serious incidents because they have not been seen by the driver. The Brigade team believes truck drivers need a combination of direct and indirect vision and other cutting-edge safety equipment, such as passive and active technology, for optimal safety.

AI cameras are a new generation of active blind-spot detection. Using Artificial Intelligence, the cameras detect and recognize pedestrians within the pre-defined detection zone and reliably warn the driver visually and/or audibly before a possible collision occurs. Image processing is built-in to the camera, meaning no other hardware is required.  

Introducing Brigade’s next-gen AI Cameras

How does our AI Technology work?

The new generation of active blind-spot detection recognizes humans using Artificial Intelligence (AI), warning the driver when a person is detected. The system alerts lorry drivers to potential dangers, such as a vulnerable road user (VRU) in its blind spot. Brigade’s AI camera substantially reduces false positive warnings by only alerting the driver when there is a real danger of collision with a VRU.

The operating system used in the cameras is ‘trained’ to recognize people based on algorithms. The system has an HD camera with processing power embedded, enabling it to identify whether there is a human within the detection range.

Installation is easy with the 'plug-and-play' system, making it an attractive option for large fleets. The camera has an IP69K rating which means it is protected against the ingress of dust, high temperature, and high-pressure water. The minicomputer is built into the camera unit and processes the information to continually improve detection and reduce false alarms. Brigade's adaptor cable provides the confidence that the camera is always on, and the boot time is zero, so the driver can set off with confidence after ignition.

No pedestrians within the detection area

Pedestrians entering the detection zone

AI Cameras


backeye®360 kit with 4 cameras, ecu and a monitor



AI Camera

Front-facing: Normal View


Part Number

VBV-2220C AI D04 7321
Rear: Mirror View


Part Number

VBV2230C AI-D04 7396


  • 12-24Vdc
  • Camera Viewing angles:
    Horizontal 52°
    Vertical: 30°
  • AI Detection range:
    Front: Covers Class 6 area
    Rear: Up to 11m (dependent on camera mounting height)
  • IP69K
  • Camera Size (WxHxD): 97.5×75.3×72
  • 2 years warranty

  • High Definition AHD 1080P
  • Recognizes and alerts the driver to people in the front and rear blind-spot
  • Detected people are shown in coloured boxes overlayed onto the camera image
  • Image processing and detected-person overlay directly from the camera unit
  • Plug-and-play: The AI camera connects directly to the Brigade monitor and or optional internal buzzer or external alarm
  • Brigade Select range connectors
  • Compatible with all Brigade HD monitors and MDR recorders
  • Alarm trigger output: 12V
  • 260mA @12V, 140mA @24V Imaging
  • Operating Voltage: 12-24V
  • TV system: 25fps
  • CMOS 1/2.9” 2M Pixel sensor
Durability & Standards
  • Mechanical vibration: 8.5G
  • Mechanical shock: 51G
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +75°C
  • IP30 ECU
  • CE marked
  • E-Marked: UNECE R10 compliant
  • FCC Approved
  • IC Approved
  • ISO 20653:2006
  • ISO 13766-1:2018
Where to mount: Front

Viewing angle 52°(H), vertical 63°(V) typical installation for the front camera.

Where to mount: Rear

Viewing angle 129°(H), vertical 70°(V) typical installation for the rear camera. The camera installation minimum height is recommended to be 1m.

Product Data
Model Product Data
VBV-2220C AI-D04 View data
VBV-2230C AI-D04 View data


backeye®360 kit with 4 cameras, ecu and a monitor




AI HD 360° Camera System


Part Number

VBV-360-1000-AI  7524
  • IP69K cameras
  • 12-24Vdc
  • Size (WxHxD) ECU: 140 x 122.1 x 40mm
  • Size (WxHxD) Camera: 139.75 x 63.2 x 53.5mm
  • 5 year warranty

  • 1 x ECU
  • 4 x VBV-2230-C-AI cameras
  • 1x Interface Harness
  • 1x Power Harness
  • 1x Video Input Harness
  • 1x Video Output Harness
  • 1x Video Output Cable
  • 720p HD 360° image
  • 15 different view modes (10 x landscape & 5 x portrait configurations)
    – Front & rear crossing-traffic
    – Customisable vehicle position
  • 2 pre-defined configuration groups
  • Configure & customize setup via PC calibration software
  • Left, right, reverse & speed signal triggers
  • Configurable on-screen parking markers
  • Customizable overlay guidelines per camera view
  • 2 x video outputs
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle cameras: (HxV) 190° x 130°
  • 1/4” CMOS sensor
  • Video output: AHD 1.0 and NTSC
  • 360° view and individual channels recordable on Brigade MDR recorders
  • Power consumption: 15 Watts
  • Current: 1.22 Amps
Durability & Standards
  • Mechanical vibration: 2.8G
  • Mechanical shock: TBC
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +75°C
  • IP30 ECU
  • CE marked
  • E-Marked: UNECE R10 compliant
  • FCC Approved
  • IC Approved
Product Data
Model Product Data
VBV-360-1000-AI View data

The Benefits of using

Brigade AI Cameras

Quick Installation

Connect AI camera directly to an HD monitor and or buzzer

Removes blind spots

The system warns the driver only when vulnerable road users are detected, reducing false positive alarms

Efficient alerts

Instant audible and visual alerts via the on-screen display and optional internal buzzer and or/external alarm

Multiple cameras

The system can operate multiple cameras at the same time

360° Cameras with AI Technology

Backeye®360 AI Intelligent detection is a 360-degree high-definition four-camera system enhanced by state-of-the-art AI technology to identify humans and effectively eliminate all blind spots.

Providing a comprehensive view of the surrounding area in a single image, Backeye®360 AI audibly and visually alerts the driver when a person is detected using artificial intelligence.

The features of Backeye360® AI Cameras

The Features of

Brigade AI Cameras


No configuration software required

Artificial Intelligence

Used to identify and detect humans

Image Processing & Overlay

Directly from the camera unit, no other processing hardware is required

Boot time

Zero seconds when using Brigade adaptor cable

AI Cameras

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