Commercial Vehicle Safety Products and Systems

Here at Brigade, we have years of experience managing complex safety issues and eliminating blind spots for commercial on and off-road vehicles. From HGVs to heavy plant and mobile machinery, we have worked tirelessly to create a range of high-quality vehicle camera systems and vehicle products that ensure drivers, groundworkers, pedestrians, and cyclists are protected from harm.

Our mission is to prevent collisions and save lives. Our complementary range of passive and active safety systems is essential to maintaining vehicle safety for everyone – no matter what industry you operate in.

Active versus passive vehicle safety system

Vehicle cameras alone will not alert a driver should a person or object be in their blind spot. If a driver is not looking, they will not see. This is why a vehicle safety system that warns the driver to take immediate action through the provision of alerts is crucial to maintaining the highest road safety standards.

At Brigade, we recommend a combination of both passive systems, such as commercial vehicle camera systems, along with active systems, like our ultrasonic obstacle detection, to ensure the highest possible safety standards are always maintained.

Purchase our products with peace of mind

Quality and reliability are essential to maintaining safety standards. We are so confident in our products, that we are proud to offer warranties of one, two, three and five years as well as lifetime warranties in some cases.

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