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Recording Systems

Explore Brigade Electronics’ Recording Systems, including our comprehensive lineup of Mobile Digital Recorders, Dashcams, and IP cameras, empowering you with cutting-edge and reliable technology for enhanced safety, monitoring, and fleet management.

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Recording Systems

Mobile Digital Recorders (MDR)

Our MDR range of digital video recorders offers high-quality recording functionality so that you can rest assured that you and your drivers are protected. Brigade’s MDR digital video recorders offer the ideal solution, providing accurate eye-witness and irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident.

Provides Protection

Encourages Driver Best Practice

Vandalism Deterrent

Piece of Mind

backeye®360 kit with 4 cameras, ecu and a monitor

AI Dashcams

Brigade’s Dashcams – compact, combined camera and recording systems – provide evidence in the case of vehicle incidents. The palm-sized devices are easily attached to the windscreen, enabling recording of the road ahead.

High Definition

Location and Speed

Muliple Recording

Downloadable Software

a brigade vbv-700c camera

IP Cameras

All IP cameras feature high-definition video, web browser access and CMOS technology which means there is no smear and less blooming on the image in harsh light.

High Definition Images

Multiple Cameras

Evidence Capture


Recording Systems

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