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Prevent accidents with Brigade’s construction vehicle safety systems

On construction sites, worker and vehicle safety is paramount. However, heavy plant machinery combined with on and off-road construction vehicles pose a real threat. On average, seven workers are killed and 93 are seriously injured each year. Slow moving vehicles, blind spots and harsh conditions with poor visibility create some of the world’s highest risk working environments.

Brigade’s market-leading construction vehicle safety systems are designed to stop incidents and improve safety in line with regulations such as FORS, CLOCS, HS2 and Crossrail. From 360 degree camera systems to white sound alarms see our comprehensive range below.

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Find the right safety system for your construction vehicle and plant machinery

Brigade’s construction vehicle safety systems are suitable for most commercial vehicles and plant machinery. To help you to select the correct devices, we have made recommendations for each vehicle.

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Our construction vehicle safety equipment

Backeye®360 Camera Monitor System

Intelligent camera monitor system offering the driver a ‘birds-eye’ surround view of the vehicle in one image.

Backsense® Radar Obstacle Detection

Heavy-duty radar sensor system that detects and alerts the driver of stationary and moving objects in blind spots.

White Sound® Reversing Alarm


Instantly locatable and directional sound. Alarms are only heard in the danger zone, therefore eliminating noise nuisance.

Mobile Digital Recording – Vehicle CCTV

Recording system capable of capturing vehicle data and footage from 16 cameras with 4G and WiFi for live remote access.

ZoneSafe® RFID Detection


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology creates detection zones around vehicles and mobile plant for in-cab alerts.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection


Alerts the driver to moving or stationary obstacles close by via an in-cab warning. Optional external speaking alarm.

Experience our ELITE range

Heavy-duty safety solutions

Brigade’s ELITE products have been designed to provide a selection of even tougher devices with enhanced durability. Tested to the highest of standards and available with 3, 5 and lifetime warranties, this range is ideal for construction vehicles operating in the harshest of conditions. Includes products from heavy duty cameras to reversing alarms.

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The top safety risks in the construction industry

Each year hundreds of workers and machines are busy on sites up and down the country. To protect site workers, site visitors, and equipment, rigorous health and safety standards in construction are essential. The threats and challenges posed by this environment include:

  • On and off-road collisions due to front, side, and rear blind spots
  • Collisions due to poor visibility (darkness, fog, dust, dirt, ice, rain)
  • Ear defenders reducing site workers’ ability to hear approaching vehicles
  • Loud and single tone reversing alarms ignored by site workers
  • Confusing and conflicting industry safety specifications
  • Damage and theft from criminal activity

Benefits of Brigade products

Invest in our active construction vehicle safety systems to improve worker and public safety.

Our range of vehicle safety equipment is suitable for construction plant and vehicles.

Construction safety FAQs

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