Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH uses ZoneSafe® RFID for Security

Safety in the working environment: Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH relies on innovative ZoneSafe® RFID recognition system

When it comes to safe working conditions, Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH sets new standards. Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH is a subsidiary of the Nehlsen Group, with sites in Leer and Emden. The approximately 70 employees take care of turning scrap into valuable raw materials. This includes services related to metal processing, e.g. the recycling of metals and steel scrap. Every year, Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH processes around 150,000 tonnes of scrap – an essential contribution to resource efficiency.

The daily traffic volume on the company’s premises is very high due to deliveries, pick-ups or the company’s own vehicle fleet. To increase safety at the site and avoid dangerous situations, the company was looking for a safety solution. Together with Brigade Elektronik GmbH, a warning system was found that can support the operational process: the ZoneSafe® RFID Detection System. This innovative system significantly increases security at the site by proactively detecting and warning of dangerous situations. By precisely recording movements and positions on the premises, ZoneSafe® enables reliable detection of people and vehicles. This minimises potential risks and makes the working environment safer for everyone involved.

Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH stands for responsible recycling and sustainable practices. The integration of the ZoneSafe® RFID recognition system underlines our commitment to the safety of our employees and partners. We are convinced that this advanced technology represents a significant step towards an accident-free working environment
David Appel, Managing Director of Nehlsen E. Heeren GmbH

How does the warning system work?

The ZoneSafe system works with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to establish detection zones around vehicles. It consists of an antenna mounted on the vehicle and RFID tags worn by workers.

The antenna mounted on the wheel loader creates a 360° detection zone around the vehicle. This detection zone is manually adjustable. The control unit is installed in the cab and provides a two-stage audible and visual warning. The driver can activate the system through the driver tag.

The pedestrian tags are worn by staff and visitors. When a Zonesafe tag enters a detection area, the driver automatically receives a visual and audible warning signal and can take the necessary action. Conversely, a worker is warned of an approaching vehicle with a vibrating tag.