ZoneSafe® RFID Detection System

Why RFID Detection?

Keeping site workers safe is a demanding yet necessary task. Often operating in challenging environments, machinery and mobile plant can pose a very real danger to workers if legislation and health and safety procedures are not adhered to. Vehicles and mobile plant frequently operate within close proximity to workers and other machines. Safety is fundamental but driver visibility is often limited due to a vehicle’s shape, size, load and operator position which can create blind spots and make collisions more likely. This is often intensified by a difficult working environment; terrain, noise, weather or low light, for example. Workers may also be wearing ear defenders, restricting their ability to hear machines approaching, which increases the danger.

70% of incidents happen during initial machine start-up and low speed movement because of poor visibility.

ZoneSafe Driver Tag

What is RFID Detection?

ZoneSafe® uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to create detection zones around vehicles and mobile plant.

Vehicle-mounted antennas detect RFID tags which can be worn by workers, placed on objects or property, or set up around restricted areas. When a vehicle approaches a Zonesafe tag, the vehicle operator automatically receives a visual and audible alert which will enable them to take action as necessary, while a vibrating tag will warn a detected worker of an approaching Zonesafe-fitted vehicle.

The system can be connected to trigger barriers and doors etc. for restricted or controlled access for workers and vehicles.

ZoneSafe Control Unit
The ZoneSafe Control Unit is installed in the cab or mounted using the optional mounting plate so it is clearly visible to the driver.

A VibraTag Driver Tag is inserted into the control unit prior to operating the vehicle which activates the system. Audible and visual alerts indicate various alarm states including a two-stage alert for the detection of one or more tags, system errors and the non-insertion of a driver tag. A mute button can override a detection alert once a tag has been acknowledged.

The control unit provides the overall functionality of the system and acts as the driver interface. The unit contains an internal memory to store up to 4000 detected events and a WiFi interface for remote monitoring and downloads. Relays can be used for the addition of external sounders or beacons.


ZoneSafe Antenna

A detection zone for each antenna can be programmed up to 10 metres (configurable between 3 & 10m)



ZoneSafe RFID Tags
ZoneSafe RFID Tags can be used to detect people, protect assets and to create exclusion zones. Each tag can be uniquely identified and linked to individual people. Driver tags have the same functionality as pedestrian tags and are also compatible with the control unit.



  • Does not require line-of-sight and tags will be detected regardless of obstructions, blind spots, adverse weather or poor visibility.
  • Provides fast, reliable and accurate data exchange without any limitation on the number of tags or antennas in operation.
  • Increases on site safety by reducing collisions between vehicles and pedestrian workers.
  • Reduces the risk of damage to assets and property.
  • Creates a 360 detection zone around the vehicle with the ability to detect tags from a distance of 0 – 10m (configurable between 3 & 10m)
  • Simultaneously alerts the driver and pedestrian of each other’s presence.
  • Robust Tags are hermetically sealed to provide the best long-term protection and for use in adverse weather conditions.
  • Each tag can be uniquely identified and linked to individual people to provide access control.
  • Rechargeable Pedestrian & Driver Tags keep running costs to a minimum.


We recognise that all working environments are different. This is why ZoneSafe is designed with flexibility in mind. ZoneSafe can be used for multiple purposes, customised to suit specific requirements, and designed for use in any industrial working environment that requires protection of personnel around vehicles, machines, or assets.

  • Vehicle to Pedestrian Alert – Protect personnel from accidental vehicle collisions and identify near miss occurrences.
  • Walkway Alert – Warn pedestrians using walkways of approaching vehicles
  • Crossing Alert – Warn pedestrians at crossings of an approaching vehicle
  • Vehicle Detection System – Long range vehicle to vehicle detection
  • Asset Protection – Protect assets from accidental vehicle collisions
  • Aircraft Damage Protection – Prevent aircraft damage from ground service equipment
  • Vehicle Access Control – Controlled vehicle access to restricted areas
  • Personnel Access Control – Controlled and security access for doors and turnstiles


“The safety of our employees is paramount in our business and DSSP are always looking for initiatives and innovations that can help us provide as safe a working environment as possible. ZoneSafe provides a simple but significant addition to the fleet of trucks here at Featherstone combining ease of use with reliability. We are using this in areas where pedestrians and moving machinery have to work together and it has clearly improved the awareness and confidence of both truck operators and pedestrians. I consider this to be a major addition to our effective health and safety management systems.”

Dave Ward Logistics Manager – DS Smith Packaging – Featherstone