Fuel Tanker

Fuel tankers are large and heavy vehicles and operating them takes a great amount of skill. Our fuel tanker safety products will assist drivers with manoeuvrability and eliminate blind spots, ensuring that the risks of collisions are minimised.

Which Fuel Tanker Vehicle Safety Devices Do I Need?

Brigade’s complementary range of safety devices for fuel tankers help to prevent collisions by assisting the driver while protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists.

All our safety devices come with warranties of one, two, three or five years, and, in some cases, lifetime warranties apply. Our range of safety systems is available from our trusted network of approved distributors and installation experts – click here to find a distributor or installer near you.

At Brigade, we recommend a combination of both passive systems, such as commercial vehicle camera systems, along with active systems, like our ultrasonic obstacle detection, to ensure the highest possible standards are always maintained when it comes to fuel tanker safety products.

To help you select which solutions you will need, we have outlined below Brigade’s recommended safety products for fuel tankers.

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Product Information

Camera Monitor Systems
  1. g Camera Monitor Systems



  2. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Rear view camera

  3. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Left side-view camera

  4. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Right side-view camera

  5. g Camera Monitor Systems


    Front view camera

Backup and Reverse Warning Alarms
  1. g Backup and Reverse Warning Alarms


    Side turn warning alarm for cyclists

Mobile Digital Recording
  1. g Mobile Digital Recording


    4 channel mobile recording system

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection
  1. g Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection


    Frontscan® detection sensors