Bluewater Recycling Association

Here at Brigade, we are proud to support a wide variety of industries across the globe with enhancing their on- and off-road vehicle safety to prevent collisions and save lives.

Bluewater Recycling Association is a waste and recycling collection and processing company, which operates a fleet of 40 collection trucks that are out on the roads every day.

The company serves communities across Huron, Perth, Lambton and Middlesex Counties in Southwestern Ontario and its drivers often have to operate in built-up, residential areas and manoeuvre in very small areas.

Drivers face numerous challenges and will regularly encounter pedestrians, other vehicles and wildlife, such as deer, on their daily rounds. This means they must be alert and fully focused at all times.

Ensuring drivers can operate their large vehicles as safely as possible is hugely important to Bluewater Recycling Association – safety is their number one priority.

Watch Bluewater Recycling Association explain the benefits of fitting Brigade’s safety solutions to their fleet.

To enhance fleet safety and fully support their drivers, the company chose to fit Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR) and flush mount cameras to its collection trucks.  These products have provided numerous benefits and given drivers complete peace of mind that they can be confident when operating their vehicles.

“Bluewater Recycling Association needed to have a better solution for safety. This is where the Brigade product has done a great job. Brigade has the best solutions out there for vehicle safety.”