Provincial Waste Systems Inc.

Provincial Waste Systems supports small, local businesses and residents in Waterloo Region and Wellington County. The company operates a fleet of three front-end trucks and three residential trucks.

Drivers are out on the road daily, operating busy residential routes where they regularly encounter vulnerable road users. These include pedestrians, cyclists, pets and children, who are often trying to cross the street. Awareness of their surroundings is therefore critical – one incident could cost the company its survival.

Provincial Waste Systems is committed to keeping drivers and other road users safe at all times. Providing drivers with the very best equipment and supporting them fully in their day-to-day operations is a huge part of the company’s commitment to safety.

The size and shape of waste trucks means there are numerous, complex blind spots. Provincial Waste Systems chose to fit Brigade’s award-winning Backeye®360 to all six of its vehicles. The system eliminates blind spots by providing a complete bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surrounds in real-time. This information is fed back to an in-cab monitor, which alerts drivers to people and objects in the vehicle’s vicinity.

“I have been doing this for 20 years and the Brigade system is by far the best equipment we have used. Brigade’s products will be the only system in our vehicles going forward.”