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When using the BS-8000 configuration software what would cause the “No Valid COM port” error message to show?

A) Correct software installed & activated:

  • Ensure the PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller, USB to the serial prolific driver, has been installed. This can be downloaded from here in the .ISO file you will find the “Driver” folder which contains the required driver.

[If an error occurs when using Microsoft Windows 11 check out the corresponding Tech Tips here.]

  • The radar system must be active (green status LED illuminated) to allow a connection.

B) There is a system error, possible issues:

  • Sensor or extension cable not connected.
    Action: Check all connectors are plugged together fully.
  • No data connection between sensor and display.
    Action: Check for damage on connectors and cable.
  • No power connection to the sensor.
    Action: Check for damage on connectors and cable.
  • Data corruption in the sensor.
    Action: Consult Brigade for advice.

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