Get tough on safety

Having been rigorously tested in multiple settings, our innovative products for heavy equipment are ideal for use in industries where durability and reliability are severely tested.


Industry challenge: dust, vehicle instability, loud noise

Whether being used on excavators, dumpers, tippers or rollers, our safety products will never let you down, even when the machinery is having to deal with the toughest of jobs.

Quarry & Mining

Industry challenge: low visibility, explosive vibrations

Being tasked with operating in some of the world’s most remote locations, quarry and mining fleets need rugged and reliable safety devices that will protect, no matter the lack of visibility or severe operating environment.


Industry challenge: extreme weather, unstable ground

With agricultural machinery having elevated seating positions, often causing visibility restrictions, tough safety devices and waterproof cameras that provide all-round vision in extreme weather conditions and rough environments are vital.

Why businesses choose Brigade’s tough and innovative devices

We’re leading the way with durable safety products that handle extreme operating conditions.

  • Reliable products unaffected by environmental factors – low light, dusk, extreme weather
  • Warranties that range from one year to lifetime cover
  • Notification alerts for stationary and moving objects
  • Rigorous and comprehensive testing completed in many environments
  • Compliant with multiple country-specific regulations, including ISO, UN, AETR, and DVS
  • On and off-road vehicle safety devices protecting drivers, groundworkers, pedestrians, and cyclists
  • Reliable real-time audible and visual alerts
Let's start improving your vehicle safety

Tough products for tough environments

When the operating environment is tough, having durable and reliable heavy equipment is vital – you can count on our whole product range to be fit for purpose. Learn more about a selection of our toughest products.

Backsense® Radar Object Detection Systems

When the terrain is harsh, light is low, and the nature of the job can cause a cloud of dust and debris that minimises visibility, operators of heavy-duty machinery need peace of mind that they will always be alerted to potential safety risks.

Our Backsense® radar object detection systems identify people and objects, whether stationary or moving, that are in a driver’s blind spot and provide in-cab visual and audible alerts. This heavy-duty camera system is IP-69K rated, meaning it’s proven to be reliable in extreme conditions.


Backeye®360 Cameras and Monitor Systems

With four cameras located around the vehicle projecting a real-time, single in-cab visual, the Backeye®360 eliminates blind spots. Designed specifically for low-speed manoeuvring, our 360-degree cameras for heavy equipment enable drivers to operate vehicles safely in tough environments.

The flexibility of the system means it can be tailored for the location the machinery is operating in, whether that is for on or off-road applications.


bbs-tek® White Sound® Reversing and Warning Alarms

The nature of the work taking place at construction, quarrying and agricultural sites means noise is at a premium. These locations require alerts that are going to cut through, which is exactly what the bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing and warning alarms do – they ensure alerts are only heard when it matters.

Being the safest White Sound® alarms in the world, alerts can be heard over noise minimisers, such as ear defenders. We’re so confident of the toughness and reliability of the bbs-tek® White Sound® warning and reversing alarms that they are guaranteed for life.

bbs-tek® White Sound®

Mobile Digital Recorders (MDR)

Our range of mobile digital recorders includes four and eight-channel devices that have Wi-Fi and/or 4G connectivity capabilities – ideal for sites in hard-to-reach locations.

The durability of the recorders means they won’t let you down when operations are taking place during extreme weather conditions and over rough terrains. With the capabilities to provide proof for insurance claims and legal proceedings, and act as a vandalism deterrent, MDRs provide peace of mind for fleet managers. Brigade’s MDRs are compatible with Backeye®360 systems.

Mobile Digital Recorders (MDR)

All Brigade products are fit for purpose

Let’s start improving your vehicle safety

Everything you need to manage your fleet.

Brigade products make the world a safer place.

We have a wide range of commercial vehicle safety devices. Every product is fit for the environment it is needed for, whether that is construction sites or roads in towns and cities.

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