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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby an organisation recognises that its business operations and processes may have an impact on social, economic and environmental issues outside of the workplace. It also represents a commitment to ensuring and maintaining socially responsible behaviour in an organisation.


Our Purpose

Brigade’s mission is to save lives by pioneering safety solutions for commercial vehicles and mobile machinery and to be a leading global supplier of these.

In doing so, Brigade seeks to sustain a business that is successful and respected in its ethical standing by its stakeholders. These include customers, clients, investors, regulators, suppliers and the community. Brigade embraces the role its business plays on a day to day basis in contributing to a better society.

As a global business, Brigade strives to maintain a strong set of internal values, including:

  • Family Values (caring, sharing, helping, including)
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Ethics
  • Fairness
  • Respect

These values define the culture of Brigade’s business and how it interacts with others.



We zijn ambitieus voor onze mensen en ons bedrijf.

One Team

We werken in een diverse multinationale omgeving waar we elkaar vertrouwen en respecteren en waar iedereen floreert.

Own It

We zijn verantwoordelijk voor onze acties, beslissingen en resultaten.

Customer Centric

Onze klanten zijn onze hoogste prioriteit.

Wij innoveren

We zoeken naar nieuwe en betere manieren.

Our Policy


Brigade endeavours at all times to conduct business legally with integrity and respect to human rights. Specifically, it undertakes to:

  • Respect the law and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Honour its internal policies
  • Ensure that its business operations are legitimate
  • Keep partnerships and collaboration open and transparent as far as possible
  • Apply sound business ethics
  • Prevent acts of bribery, anti-competitive behaviour, modern slavery and illegal trading


Brigade recognises the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping the environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. Regarding the business’ impact upon the environment, Brigade is committed, amongst other initiatives, to:

  • Efficient printing
  • Reducing the amount of waste produced by the business
  • Ensuring that water / electricity is used responsibly by our staff
  • Recycling materials as extensively as possible
  • Using technology to lessen the need for travel

Charitable/Community work

Brigade is keen to support and become involved in community initiatives and charitable work. Brigade does this in various forms including donations to national and local charities which may be suggested by staff, and the funding of community projects. Every suggestion is given due consideration.

Education & Training

Brigade provides access to training, often funded by itself, for all staff to put them in the best position to do their job well and fulfil their potential. Regardless of role or level, everyone at Brigade has access to a variety of developmental opportunities to help realise their full potential. Brigade believes that supporting individual growth and development helps it attract and retain talented individuals.

Our People

Protection: Brigade strives to ensure that:

  • it doesn’t risk the health and safety of its employees#
  • it abides by all fair labour practices
  • it protects and respects human rights
  • its activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country (e.g. forced labour)
  • it respects and protects people’s right to privacy and confidential information

Equal Opportunity: Brigade supports diversity and inclusion. It is committed to providing an environment of equal opportunities for all members of its workforce. No account of any of the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010 shall be taken to a detrimental effect in any decision involving recruitment, promotion, provision of facilities etc. Brigade provides appropriate remuneration and benefits for every employee.

Involvement: Brigade provides every employee with an Employee Handbook which clearly sets out standards of behaviour, company rules, conditions, policies and procedures. Brigade also maintains procedures with regard to grievances and whistleblowing and promote the appropriate use of such procedures in an open and fair manner. Brigade ensures that all employees are aware of their responsibilities with regard to health, safety, quality, environment and all other procedures. Brigade promotes inclusivity and openness and values the contributions of all through teamwork.


Brigade’s regards its own reputation very highly and to help protect this, it won’t knowingly do business with any organisation that doesn’t share Brigade’s commitment to dealing with stakeholders fairly and ethically.

In respect of Brigade’s entire CSR initiative, it expects no lesser standards from its suppliers and business partners.


Brigade is committed to continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its business operations, ensuring that its products and services always meet the requirements of its customers. Brigade’s goal is to be the supplier of choice to its customers and maintaining excellent standards of quality products is fundamental to this. Brigade maintains, as a minimum requirement, ISO9001 certification and compliance with applicable product quality standards, approvals and other regulatory requirements. Brigade works closely with its suppliers to promote an effective supply chain delivering products on time in accordance with specifications.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Brigade does not tolerate any form of modern slavery or human trafficking within its own business. Brigade is also committed to protecting communities and individuals from the crime of modern slavery within its supply chain.

Our Onging Commitment

Brigade is fully committed to the principle of CSR and aim to ensure that no relevant policy decisions are made within the business, without first evaluating the potential CSR impact.

This policy was approved by Brigade’s Board of Directors on 13 January 2020.