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Why HGV Camera Systems?

The size of commercial vehicles and machines mean vehicle blind spots are a major factor in collisions across all industries. Operator positions, bodywork, absent rear windows, and bulkheads create further restrictions and can greatly limit driver visibility, making collisions even more likely.  The significant financial cost of vehicle and property damage is magnified by associated costs such as downtime, but even greater are the corporate and emotional costs when there is personal injury.

Brigade’s camera monitor systems enable drivers and operators to manoeuvre and drive safely. HGV camera systems can help the driver to see blind spots and offer a reversing aid by delivering a live feed on the monitor of everything in the camera view, including people or obstacles.

Brigade Camera and Monitor

Compatible vehicles

  • vehicle safety products for articulated trucks
  • Vehicle safety products for backhoe loaders
  • Vehicle safety products for buses
  • Vehicle safety products for coaches
  • Vehicle safety products for excavators
  • Vehicle safety products for articulated tanker
  • Vehicle safety products for combine harvester
  • Vehicle safety products for articulated dumper
  • Vehicle safety products for minibuses
  • Vehicle safety products for rigid truck
  • Vehicle safety products for rigid trucks with drawbar trailers
  • Vehicle safety products for telehandlers
  • vehicle safety products for on-road tipper
  • Vehicle safety products for tractors
  • vehicle safety products for vans
  • vehicle safety products for waste truck
  • vehicle safety products for wheel loaders
  • Vehicle safety products for road sweepers

    Why Install a Camera Monitor System in Place of Mirrors?

    HGV camera systems are a vast improvement on the many mirrors needed to view vehicle blind spots. Mirrors themselves create further blind spots and ‘information overload’ for drivers who don’t know where to look first, with knocked or broken mirrors creating further visibility issues. Backeye® monitors allow multiple camera images to be viewed on a single monitor with dedicated views triggered by, for example, reverse gear. Cameras provide a wider angle of view than mirrors and are less likely to be damaged, whilst built-in LED’s offer superior visibility in low light conditions.

    Vehicle CCTV systems are used in a wide range of on- and off-road applications to meet a host of health and safety and legislative requirements, including R46. They can eliminate blind spots to prevent costly vehicle damage and, more importantly, save lives.

    Brigade has provided a solution to create optimal safety for both the driver and people around the vehicle, both when manoeuvring and on the road.
    Pascal Libens – Fleet Manager Logistics BeLux Coca-Cola European Partners

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    The Camera Monitor Systems Range

    Backeye®360 HD Kit with 4 Cameras
    360° Vehicle Camera System


    Backeye®360 is an intelligent vehicle CCTV system designed to assist low-speed manoeuvring by providing the driver with a complete surround view of the vehicle in real-time.

    Ultrawide-angle cameras mounted on the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle capture the surrounding areas including all blind spots. Simultaneous images from these cameras are then processed and ‘video stitched’ resulting in a 360º bird’s-eye view within a single image. The software also instantly eliminates any fisheye camera distortion on the surround view, delivering a clear, real-time picture on the driver’s monitor.

    Brigade Wireless Systems
    Wireless System


    Connecting a rear-view camera system to a large vehicle or machine can be timely and awkward due to the amount of cable to install. Brigade’s new wireless system eliminates excess cabling, saving up to two hours’ fitment time and removes the need for an additional suzie cable.

    New digital wireless technology gives almost instant pictures (camera to monitor in less than 200 milliseconds). The camera image is sent to the monitor via a transmitter and receiver, and once connected, the wireless link is secure. The system also features an easy re-pairing function, allowing the receiver to be linked to a different transmitter making interchanging trailers possible.


    • Eliminates the need for additional suzie cables
    • Vastly reduces installation time
    • Allows for interchangeable trailers
    Brigade Adapter Cables
    Adapter Cables


    A large range of extension and adapter cables is available to suit every camera monitor system application. Whether you want to add additional cameras, reach the full length of your vehicle or have a tractor-trailer combination, Brigade has a solution for you.

    Brigade’s range of OEM adapter cables allows for an easy retro fit of cameras to existing in-cab monitors for makes such as DAF, Volvo, Scania, MAN, Fendt, Iveco to name a few.

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