LDV Heathrow Fit QVS To All Electric Vans

LDV electric van

The concept of reducing harm to the environment by switching from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric powered vehicles was something LDV have supported since the infancy of electric vehicle production. LDV have been manufacturing and distributing electric vehicles since 2006 and have seen significant growth in electric vehicle sales over the last 10 years. Now with 50% of all vehicles sold at LDV Heathrow being electric and many customers not looking to turn back, one significant piece of customer feedback kept cropping up; Electric vehicles moving at slow speeds are virtually silent.

With the introduction of the new EV80 electric van, LDV Heathrow knew they needed to solve this quiet vehicle issue for good and agreed to trial Brigade’s Quiet Vehicle Sounder after being impressed at a Freight in the City Exhibition.

The Quiet Vehicle Sounder (QVS) proved to be the perfect solution, fitted to the front of the vehicle, the QVS alerts pedestrians of the van’s presence at speeds under 20mph. The blend of bbs-tek® White Sound® frequencies and tonal sounds was also a welcomed feature due it’s directional sound qualities and ability to be located instantly. This blend of frequencies also ensures the sounder can only be heard in the danger zone so does not cause any unnecessary noise disturbance whilst giving vulnerable road users enough time to hear the van approaching and take evasive action if needed.

“There’s no doubt that the Quiet Vehicle Sounder works. We’ve tried over the years to find an appropriate solution that not only does the job but also meets proposed regulations and nothing can beat the QVS. We’ll be installing it on every electric vehicle, there’s no reason it should not be fitted.” Phil Harvey, Sales Representative, LDV Heathrow.

LDV Heathrow were happy that the sounder could not be heard in the cab, leaving the driving experience as LDV intended yet ensuring safety was still upheld. Buyer’s of the new LDV EV80 can drive without stress, knowing that vulnerable road users can hear the vehicle when necessary.