Why Mobile Digital Recording (MDR)?

Protecting your driver. Providing your witness.

Incidents involving vehicles can be time-consuming and costly to resolve. A lack of solid evidence often means that companies will automatically accept liability. However, these easy settlements have led to an increase in cases against operators who are considered soft targets.

False claims, crash-for-cash, and shrinkage are now costing businesses millions each year. By capturing footage from vehicle-mounted cameras, Brigade’s MDR digital video recorders offer the ideal solution, providing accurate eye-witness and irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident.

Our MDR range of digital video recorders offers high-quality recording functionality so that you can rest assured that you and your drivers are protected.

Compatible vehicles

  • vehicle safety products for articulated trucks
  • Vehicle safety products for rigid truck
  • vehicle safety products for waste truck
  • Vehicle safety products for road sweepers
  • Vehicle safety products for buses
  • Vehicle safety products for coaches
  • vehicle safety products for vans
  • Vehicle safety products for minibuses
  • Vehicle safety products for rigid trucks with drawbar trailers
  • vehicle safety products for on-road tipper

    Brigade’s MDR 644

    Brigade’s MDR 644 range includes 1TB and 2TB HDD & SSD models, with 4 Analogue cameras and 4 IP camera inputs.

    Remotely access your MDR

    Models are available with Wi-Fi and/or 4G connectivity*, allowing data to be accessed from the recorder without physically having to go to the vehicle. Wi-Fi allows data downloads when a vehicle returns to base, whilst 4G allows live streaming and data downloads when the vehicle is out on the road.

    WiFi recorder and/or 4G recorder connectivity features:

    • Download data without physically going to the vehicle(s).
    • Set up automatic download of data (triggered events) to a secure MDR server when in range of MDR Wi-Fi.
    • Stream data remotely via 4G network
    • Real-time GPS tracking via 4G network (providing vehicle has 4G signal).
    • Immediate notification of triggered events via 4G network or scheduled summary of events on WiFi.
    • User-defined evidence packages to only receive the data required.
    • Live View up to 36 cameras from multiple vehicle DVR systems.
    • Mobile App to access live views, vehicle locations, create snapshots and receive alerts.

    MDR 641

    The Entry Level HDD Mobile Digital Recorder.


    Protecting your driver. Providing your witness 24/7

    Brigade BRIDGE is a fully managed 4G service for Brigade's MDRs, allowing Fleet Managers to remotely access their vehicle data at any time, any where.

    Become Connected with BRIDGE LINK

    Brigade’s new BRIDGE LINK modem gives customers who initially purchased a 400,500 or 600 Series MDR without a built-in mobile network module (all models except G or GW variants), the ability to become connected to Brigade’s 4G managed service, BRIDGE. The BRIDGE LINK modem device is a simple and cost-effective way for non-connected MDR owners to take their digital recorders online and begin accessing data from the recorder, without having to physically go to the vehicle.

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