BFBS Cinema Truck

Brigade Electronics Helping BFBS Cinema Truck to be DVS Compliant

Vehicles that do not meet the requirements of Transport for London’s (TFL) Direct Vision Standard (DVS) are required to fit extra safety equipment to improve the driver’s visibility of blind spots. Most of the vehicles fitted with DVS kits are trucks over 12 tonnes that are used for distribution. So, when an opportunity arose to fit a kit to a unique type of vehicle and to support a good cause, Brigade jumped at the chance.

BFBS is a military charity and media organisation that entertains, informs, connects and champions the UK armed forces, their families, and veterans worldwide. The organisation provides a valuable connection with home for those serving their country overseas.

BFBS owns a Mercedes Actros tractor unit, along with a Mobile Cinema Trailer specially built by Toutenkamion of France. It operates right across the UK, offering free beneficiary screenings of the latest cinema releases to military personnel and their families. This vehicle has also been used by UK military personnel in Cyprus, during the decompression stage on return from operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with a previos period in Bosnia and Kosovo Some vehicle types including emergency service vehicles, mobile cranes and military vehicles are exempt from DVS compliance. However, as a registered charity, BFBS does not fit under the military exemption and required assistance to bring the vehicle up to standard.

Chris Pratt, General Manager, BFBS, approached Brigade Electronics for assistance. He said: “We wanted a system that was high quality and robust enough to support extensive mileage and use across the UK and the Brigade brand was top of the list. Their customer services representative arranged fitment for us with efficiency and it was fitted at our storage location at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon to an exceptionally high standard. The system will help us to manouevre the vehicle more easily and will provide peace of mind when driving in close proximity to vulnerable road users.“

The DVS kit consists of Brigade’s nearside camera-monitor system, to increase visibility for low speed manouevring when turning left. The Sidescan® ultrasonic obtsacle detection system alerts the driver of anything in his blind spot when he is turning left by providing an audible alert to the driver and the Backchat® system provides a real speech warning to cylists,  alerting them of the vehicles intended manouvre.