FERCAM Logistics&Transport:

Sustainability and safety in transport

FERCAM is a well-established and renowned company that provides a complete logistics service. Thanks to its five specialised divisions (Logistics, Air & Ocean, Transport, Distribution, Special Services) it covers the entire supply chain, with a presence in 19 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and North Africa, and correspondents all over the world. FERCAM also has its own facilities on the Asian market such as in Hong Kong, China and Japan. A logistics giant, founded in 1949 in Bolzano as a rail and truck freight transport company, hence the name FERrovia-CAMion. In 1963, Eduard Baumgartner took it over and gave it a strong impetus for expansion and internationalisation. Over the years, FERCAM has grown, acquired other activities and signed joint ventures, but it has remained a family business. A careful management that has always respected its mission: “Excellent logistics that enhance quality business”.

In order to maintain the high standards it has set itself, FERCAM is constantly looking for sustainable, intelligent and reliable solutions, with quality, the environment, health and safety as its cornerstones. To confirm this, it boasts a fleet of around 3,350 proprietary loading units, with state-of-the-art Euro 6, LNG and BIO-LNG vehicles. The real green breakthrough is BioGas, which reduces particulate emissions by 99%, NO2 by 90% and CO2 by 15% compared to diesel. The new 18 Iveco S-Way Natural Power trucks, supplied by Iveco dealer Gasser, can also run on BioGas. These are the first gas-powered trucks designed for long distances: with a 460 hp engine, they have a range of up to 1600 km and the same load capacity as an equivalent diesel vehicle, with a substantial reduction in pollution, including noise. Last autumn, FERCAM and Iveco Gasser joined the corporate structure of Biogas Wipptal in Sterzing, which, with an innovative approach to the management of livestock waste, is also currently building a plant for the production and distribution of biomethane.

Not only environmental sustainability, but also safety and equipment, always one step ahead. In fact, FERCAM has installed on 18 Iveco S-Way NPs the devices necessary to comply with the DVS (Direct Vision Standard) regulations, which are already valid for travel in Greater London and will gradually be introduced throughout Europe. Since last October, vehicles over 12 tonnes have been required to have a permit to travel in and around London. This means that they must guarantee maximum visibility in the driver’s cab of the area surrounding the vehicle, especially on the passenger side: a blind spot that can be very dangerous, especially when turning. FERCAM has installed the special kit that Brigade Elettronica, a leader for 45 years in vehicle safety systems, has developed to fully comply with the standard. Specifically: the compact camera from the Select VBV-300C range, fixed to the front right corner of the vehicle and connected in the cab to the monitor, also from the Select line, VBV-770M, a digital LCD with a 7″ anti-glare screen. In addition to the camera, CornerScan® ultrasonic sensors have been mounted on the right side of the vehicle: one on the corner of the cab and two along the side. The sensors are activated when the indicator is turned on and, if they detect cyclists, pedestrians or obstacles, they alert the driver in the cab with an acoustic alarm. And that’s not all. Anyone in the danger zone outside the vehicle is also alerted by an acoustic warning device, the bbs-tek®, which is available in an 82-decibel version. This is an alarm, patented by Brigade Elettronica, with a white sound, i.e. a multi-frequency broadband, directional, readily locatable and confined only to the actual danger area.

This equipment protects vulnerable road users and allows drivers to drive and manoeuvre in peace. And, of course, it fully complies with DVS standards.

FERCAM, therefore, thanks to the Brigade Elettronica devices, already has the new Iveco S-Way Natural Power perfectly in order to circulate in London, in its vicinity, and in all European cities where the DVS regulations are coming into force, confirming itself as a logistics operator that has always looked far and made the boundaries of opportunity, safety and sustainability.